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PS3 Jailbreaking       Thread starter PSXHAX       Start date Jul 12, 2016 at 5:37 PM       5,536       2      
On this extremely MUGGY day today, PlayStation 3 developer zecoxao shared some handy PS3 FNIDS Bruteforcers Python scripts with the PlayStation 3 scene with some changelogs below! :cool:

Download: (3.47 KB) / (3.58 KB) / (3.63 KB)

To quote: This uses the CPU power to find fnids given the prefix and the hash name. The usage is as follows:
<> <prefix> <hashinsmallletters>
Code: BER_read_ cb4edaec
string is BER_read_item
Remember, to increase the area of each character, increase it in i1,i2,i3,etc (For caps, small letters, and numbers) comes with i1 changed so look at it if you have doubts. It is VERY important that we find all of the unmangled fnids. Currently we have 2428 fnids out of 4985 (so almost 50%) We can do better than this :)

Good Luck :tup: :tup:

PS: You will have a lot of false results because the chance of collisions is bigger than in natural SHA1.

v2 Changelog:
  • Added a dictionary to simplify the process
  • Now converts the string automatically to lowercase, so you can use CAPS :D
v3 Changelog:
  • Added collision resolving (the nids START WITH the hash, not just contain it)
PS3 FNIDS Bruteforcers.jpg



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From what I understand, scripts like this (and the previously released PlayStation 3 NID Attack Tool) are used by developers in attempt to bruteforce and obtain all of the 4985 known Sony PS3 system functions, which can then be used for documenting offsets, exports and IDA plug-ins.

For a more techy explanation, check out this post by RexVF5 also. ;)