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Ok, so it shows 69 for the CPU and 66 for the GPU, slightly higher than you suggested, but I still doubt that it's an issue.

@Sir Are you suggesting to take the internal HDD out and test it with HD Sentinel?

Hm, I still have a 2TB 2.5" lying around here, perhaps I should put that in, if I wasn't so lazy, then I also could put most of my games just to internal and wouldn't need the external anymore.
ye mate you should look at healthy and performance cant fix any problem with dat but its a good app to show us whats going on ..

first take a backup if there is important data on your 2tb nd go to change the hdd after making sure that your org hdd is gone.

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ye mate you should look at healthy and performance cant fix any problem with dat but its a good app to show us whats going on ..

first take a backup if there is important data on your 2tb nd go to change the hdd after making sure that your org hdd is gone.
Backup is still running, takes approximately 9 hours, I have around 150GB of PSN games installed.

Tomorrow I'm gonna put the 2TB disk in and restore.

Funny enough story, really wanted to play FIFA Street again, and as it didn't work on the PS3, I tried it on my 360. After creating my 10 players squad from scratch, I went to play the first game, and immediately after the kickoff the 360 froze.

So I restarted, but I'm getting a beep, and it freezes straight away at the boot up logo. Switched it off for 5 minutes, restarted, and guess what, I'm getting the RROD!!

So hopefully my PS3 will work again, otherwise it'll be PS4 only playing.

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Ok, so you were probably right, as HD Sentinel gives me this alarming message:

Failure Predicted - Attribute: 5 Reallocated Sectors Count, Count of sectors moved to the spare area. Indicate problem with the disk surface or the read/write heads.
There are 2047 bad sectors on the disk surface. The contents of these sectors were moved to the spare area. Replace hard disk immediately.

It is recommended to backup immediately to prevent data loss.

I have the 2TB ready, so I'm gonna install it now.

EDIT: Ok, just got to know that the PS3 doesn't support 2TB disks :mad:

I ordered now the smallest possible 320GB for 35€.

The 2TB was the M9T, which I put into my PS4, but when I bought my PS4 Pro, I sold the old one with the original HDD.

I just put now the original 60GB PS3 HDD, so at least I can try if it works now, if I don't get freezes anymore. Installing 4.81.1 Rebug now. 4.81.2 to be correct.

EDIT 2: Installed, launched Diablo III, and guess what, it works fine, got actually into the game the first time and I can play, always froze already in the menus :tup:


I know this is old, but I really just need help with a similar thing. I'm having the same problems but changing the HDD didn't help. I'm still freezing up on my PS3 slim. :(

I've replaced the HDD, restored the file system, restored database, and even did another system reset from Safe Mode, but I still can't even play Minecraft for a decent amount of time, let alone my other games.

Did the new hard drive fix everything or just Diablo?


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@Ember4657 Changing the thermal paste might do it i recommend Artic MX-4 it's better quality but over all else it must be non conductive or you can screw up the chips more than likely the cheap thermal paste sony used dried and is now overheating your ps3 causing the freezing

you can get mx 4 off amazon for less than $10 usd


Can you link me to something that'll show me/tell me how to do it? I just don't wanna f it up, ya know?

I still have to beat DAII, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, and AO2 40th day. I don't wanna break it and not be able to at least restart them and finish them.

Talked to some peeps and disassembled. Reeaaallly needed replacing. Motherboard came off like there was nothing holding it down. I'm ordering the thermal paste and I'll update when it's together
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