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Proceeding their previous PS3 OFW revision and recent PS3 Partial Message Service Ending announcement, today Sony pushed live a new PS3 Firmware / System Software 4.86 Update for those who still own a PlayStation 3 entertainment system video game console. šŸ˜·

:alert: As always, it's NEVER a wise idea to update PlayStation Firmware in order to make use of such things as PS3 Custom Firmware (CFW), downgrading, homebrew, Webkit exploits, etc.

Download: PS3 Firmware 4.86 (EU) Update / PS3 Firmware 4.86 (US) Update / PS3 Firmware 4.86 (AU/NZ) Update / PS3 Firmware 4.86 (JP) Update

The official PlayStation Site hasn't been updated yet, but chances are the changelog includes the usual 'improves the quality of the system performance' security fixes.

:arrow: Update: As expected: Main features in system software update version 4.86:
  • This system software update improves the quality of the system performance.
If anyone tests out PS3 version spoofers for PSN online access and to help avoid bans let us know if they're working or give THIS tutorial a try alongside although historically PSN works for a brief period (a week or so) after each PS3 Firmware update goes live so we'll update this article as PlayStation 3 scene devs further examine it and report their findings.
PS3 System Software 4.86 Update Live, Don't Update Your Firmware!.jpg



Here to confirm that the WebMan Mod spoofing method works successfully on my 4.85 SuperSlim running HEN. I had to edit the. txt file though, changed all the 5.0000's to 4.8600. I hope that this proves useful. :)
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