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I've studied this long time ago just for my own pleasure and created many songs converted to SND0.AT3 for my backups collection, now I want share two of them for you. Enjoy. :music:

How to Use:

Just replace the one inside PS3_GAMES or NPEB12345 alongside LICDIR-PARAM.SFO-TROPDIR-USRDIR-PS3_LOGO.DAT etc and listen to it via XMB while your game is highlighted.

If you want me to create one of your favorite songs to be converted, just post it as usual, name the song and the singer or you can post the YouTube link of it. I'll be happy to help, but do not force me, I'll do it when I have spare time.

Download: WW SOUND THEME.rar
That will sound like this:
Download: SND0.AT3.rar
This will sound like:
@PSXHAX is this the right section? if not, you know what to do
PS3 XMB Music Converted to SND0.AT3 for PlayStation 3 Games.jpg



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Can you help me convert a .MP3 to .AT3 please? Its for my Oblivion UEE I will make sure to add you to thread and game credits. P.M me when you can do it. Thank you. :)


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link me the song..
We don't want you to do conversion for us : we would like to do it by ourselves, and convert anything, not only a Youtube downloaded song !

Share us the title of your tool, or if it's yours, please share us.

We are a community at If you don't want to share, keep out of there.

PS : I know the answer, but I'm waiting if your answer will be original, true or interesting.


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AT3 is a fairly standard format; except that it's not very good and only Sony uses it. It was the format for the minidisk for example (anyone else remember those?).

Assuming these are normal AT3 files, google "convert to AT3" for a variety of tutorials.

The codec is here:

I think all you need is the codec and a program that can export to it. I've heard Goldwave works well. Sonicstage is Sony's official program for it, but it is discontinued and harder to find.


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i don't post it in Tutorials and Guide section, so it has to be like this. the guide and tutorial is in ps3hax, and it's very old. every seniors like you must have read or know about it. and this post is about SERVICE, helping members who don't have time to make it themselves. so if you don't like me, you can ask an admin to ban me from making any thread in the future.