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Hi. Today is a great day for the PS3 Hacking / Modding Scene, over at NextGenUpdate @SC58, @01cedric (myself) and @Tustin released some neat features, which will allow to grab Users XUID (only Call of Duty specific) and NPID (all Games), which then can be used to spoof your Account In-Game to any person you want! Its similar to the XBOX method.

Some Pictures + Links

XUID Generator.png

NPID Grabbing Site.png

XUID Generator can be found here: XUID Gen.rar

NPID Grabbing Site (with an example given, insert your own OnlineID after the "="):


Q) What Games are supported & what is needed to spoof?

A) Grab your NPID using the SPRX Solutions Website, to get your NPID. You can spoof your NPID on every Game, you want. You just need to find the Addresses in Memory to-do so (and maybe patch some Stuff on couple Games to be able to play online).

For the Call of Duty Series, you would have to use SC58's little Program to get the XUID, to be able to Spoof the Account.

Q) How to use the NPID properly?

A) If you grab the NPID from my Site, you'll see, that the NPID is like following: [email protected]

In the Memory, it is (most likely) display like this: marcelscorpion a0deps3

This should be pretty self-explained. marcelscorpion = the OnlineID (PSNName) & a0deps3 = the AccountZip (where the account where stored on its creation) + the platform (the ps3 at the end).

  • SC58 - For the XUID Generator
  • 01cedricv2 - For his NPID Research
  • Tustin - For his PSN-API & NPID Grabbing Code



Thanks @01cedric, I've moved this to the main page now and also added you as a Developer here with @SC58 and @Tustin! (y)
Thanks! Appreciate it!

Sooo can we avoid bans with this?
I'm not 100% sure about that, as of I've never tried that. The only thing I can say is, that it can be used like the XBOX Method (spoofing account in-game to look like the real persons account, etc.)


how to use? i generated [email protected] and xuid what i need? thanks in advance
In the memory of the desire PS3 Game, there should be your NPID as following:

CHELNOV (your name)
a4caps3 (your accountzip)

Search for those + the XUID as Bytes (if you're on Call of Duty), and you should find a couple entrys, spoof all of them, and you're spoofed!


I'm new to the PS3 scene but as I can see, looks like my salvation to play online without being banned.

With those tools I can make the psn servers think I really own a game, right? But is just a spoof or I will be seeing by my nickname by others in the game or with the spoofed account nickname?

What about the trophies, my account won them or the spoofed account does? If I get a trophy with my account and this account doesnt have the game Im playing I guess its easy for sony ban my account/console. But if he gets the trophy and noticed that someone is using his account he can report or something, and something would happen to me? like acc ban or console ban.


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I merged your post into this ongoing thread, as it's the one the developers are using and see to answer questions as time permits. ;)
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