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Hello there,

I just want to ask if any of you dumper have a problem in 1.76 which is error CE-30559-2.

I want to dump more games but the error is ***...

the game requires me to update to a higher version but I spoofed the software version and still the error showing.....

I need help .. *ModdedWareFare* ? or other devs?

Edit: Found the answer: If the game need update above 1.76 then you can't play. But if the game require 1.76 or less, then there is no problem. There is no known method to play +1.76 games on low firmware.

Hope there is a method for it....



Staff Member
Thanks for the additional info, it should be useful if anyone else has issues with a ce-30559-2 error on PS4 1.76 backup games. :thumbup: