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Since reporting on the Avatar Grabber, PS4 1.76 UI Mod with Full Debug Settings demo and recent Activate / Deactivate PS4 Apps Entitlement Control the modders at e✘ continue their PS4 1.76 UI Mods development with a Custom PSN User Avatar and Alpha 0.11 demonstration video below! :cool:

Download: PS4 UI Mod Custom PSN User Avatar.rar (364 KB)

To quote from e✘treme on their PS4 UI Mod Custom PSN User Avatar:

"After examine some user data files of @Ginsor's 1.76 PS4, I have found a way to change the User Avatar in the Home Menu. It’s very simple, I have only edited the online.json with a other link and created .dds files.

Sadly it will only work on your 1.76 PS4 if it was connected to PSN and you already have installed a Avatar on your hdd.

You just need to copy the files via FTP in system_data/priv/cache/profile/0x10000000 (choose your PSN User Account). Special Thanks to @Ginsor for testing!"

PS4 1.76 UI Mods Custom PSN User Avatar & Alpha 0.11 by eXtreme 2.jpg PS4 1.76 UI Mods Custom PSN User Avatar & Alpha 0.11 by eXtreme 3.jpg PS4 1.76 UI Mods Custom PSN User Avatar & Alpha 0.11 by eXtreme 4.jpg
And to quote from e✘treme on their PS4 UI Mod alpha 0.11 Visual Debug Home Menu:

"I had the idea to add my PS4 Games in a folder on Home Menu ;-) I have just changed the Database to show up my Disc Games in the folder. This is version 0.11 alpha of a Custom Home Menu.

Still no function for ★APP_Home and ★Debug Settings. PS4 UI Mod alpha is just a visual Home Menu Mod for 1.76."

PS4 1.76 UI Mods Custom PSN User Avatar & Alpha 0.11 by eXtreme 5.jpg PS4 1.76 UI Mods Custom PSN User Avatar & Alpha 0.11 by eXtreme 6.jpg PS4 1.76 UI Mods Custom PSN User Avatar & Alpha 0.11 by eXtreme 7.jpg PS4 1.76 UI Mods Custom PSN User Avatar & Alpha 0.11 by eXtreme 8.jpg
PS4 UI Mod alpha 0.11 by e✘treme
How To Change Your Avatars & Profile Pictures On 4.05 & 4.55
:arrow: Update: Also from their blog comes a Custom User Avatar on 4.55 system mod to quote:

Now we have FTP Access on all System Partitions to write modified files to the PS4 hard drive. A PSN Account is no more neccessary to change the User Avatar on your 4.55 PS4.

Download: system.rar (0.4 MB)

Custom User Avatar on 4.55.jpg Custom User Avatar on 4.55  2.jpg Custom User Avatar on 4.55  3.jpg
Thanks to both @Figure03 and @HydrogenNGU for the news tips in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :beer::beer:
PS4 1.76 UI Mods Custom PSN User Avatar & Alpha 0.11 by eXtreme.jpg


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@Andrew Marques that method doesnt seem to work? i made my own and named it avatar360 and put it in one of my profile folders (i have 4 due to me and kids playing together) and no matter what folder i put it in nothing changes, i tried all 4 folders none of them change anything.

does the naming mean anything? cause you named one of yours avatar 260 it looked like. and do we need the png in the folder also? you show yours with multiple pictures in the profile folder some not in dds format.


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I just tried this and it works great!
Here is a folder with avatars images: Avatars.rar

Replace all the images in there with the avatar image you want using the same file names and the same resolution of all of them (a png of 440x440 and four dds images of 64x64, 128x128, 260x260 and 440x440). When you replaced all the images, just copy them all in system_data/priv/cache/profile/0x10000000

Make sure 0x10000000 is your profile... if not, choose the correct one :p


@Pretinaverse actually i figured it out lol. instead of just doing the "avatar360" one i did everyone of the ones that was in the profile folders you had. so i made a avatar64,128,260,440. each one is the size at which it says in the filename ex: avatar64 is 64x64 avatar128 is 128x128 etc. and i copied the online.json as mine didnt have one. and bam it works. didnt even put a avatar360 in mine.

but i literally did everything you said but i figured it on my own lol. should of just experimented before posting. the video is a good starting point but needs a little bit more information in it.

thanks :)


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A little bump but just did something like this on 5.05, and here are some notes:
  • You don't have to edit avatarUrl if you're blocking playstation servers via DNS,
  • lastName value can be empty
  • if you synced your PSN account with facebook and want to remove your FB picture just delete all 'picture' files (1 png, 4 dds)
  • if you are clueless how to convert jpg/png to dds just google "png to dds converter online" and first result will do the job just fine.
Here is my result, previously Real First & Last name and facebook profile picture as ps4 profile picture, now this:



Hi can this help me connect my henkaku psvita to my 5.05 cracked PS4
PS4 was never connected to psn

So can this help me get the remote play feature working again ?
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