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Happy New Year everyone! :kitty: Since the PS4 Kernel Exploit 4.05 and recent PS4 4.05 Kernel Dump today PlayStation 4 developer VVildCard777 released a PS4 4.05 Kernel Dumper which includes full debug settings / TID patches + UART that can be used in other payloads. :hearteyes:

Download: / 405-KernelDumper-master.bin (5 KB - Compiled by @ohcHIT) / GIT / 4.55 Kernel Dumper

From the, to quote: 4.05 kernel dumper POC with debug settings/TID patch/Jailbreak/Uart enabler etc

Compile with your PC's IP listening on port 9023

On PC you can do to listen:
socat - tcp-listen:9023 > kernelDump.bin
and to send:
socat -u FILE:payload.bin TCP:"PS4 IP":9020
you can then trim out the socket prints or you can adapt it with 2 sockets, one for dumping, another for logging.

Cheers to @boob4me, @DoxyMarket and @raedoob for the news tips in the PSXHAX Shoutbox this New Year's Eve! :fire:
PS4 4.05 Kernel Dumper with Full Debug Settings by VVildCard777.jpg



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well for the most part all menu areas are accessible now without general error, but im still unable to turn off for example HDCP, that generates an error. im going to test package installation just out of curiousity from root of usb.


happy new year to you too I advice you to hurry and buy ps4 4.05 if you can cause you may wait too long and may it never release the exploit of 4.50 and above


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So now that you can dump the kernal (publicly) that good for finding other exploits maybe a little bit higher in firmware.? (Research and development)
I am a lameman so...
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