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Continuing in the holiday rush since the 4.05 PS4 Kernel Exploit release, we've now seen a 4.05 Kernel Dump and Rizzo Signatures for 4.05 surface alongside some code (below) that scene developers can use for a payload to kick off PS4 4.05 game modding from Skillsofcape (aka @01cedric) following his work on the WEBRTM Game Mod Project. :veryhappy:

Next up, since the PS4 Fat, Slim and Pro Serial / Flash Pinouts were documented PlayStation 4 scene developer VVildCard777 turned up the heat after his PS4 Debug Settings Demo by sharing some UART Enabler 4.05 payload code (below) for developers interested in making use of the PS4 UART for further research. :ninja:

The PS4 PUP Unpacker also continues getting updated from Zer0xFF, while PlayStation 4 developer @zecoxao announced on Twitter that Zer0Tolerance discovered the method Sony uses for generating "metadata" in lv1 fselfs. :-D

4.05 Kernel
proc_rwmem > 0xFFFFFFFF9F0B3BB0
Enjoy Game Modding on 4.05 (-: <3
proc_rwmem on 4.05 (for payload usage) (-:
#define KERN_PROC_RWMEM 0x0ABBB0 int(*proc_rwmem)(int addr, int len) = NULL; proc_rwmem = (void *)&ptrKernel[KERN_PROC_RWMEM];
Happy Modding <3
kern_ptrace on 4.05 (for payload usage) (-:
#define KERN_PTRACE 0x0AC230 int(*ptrace)(int req, int pid, void *argsAddr, int data) = NULL; ptrace = (void *)&ptrKernel[KERN_PTRACE];
Happy Modding <3
Disable Process ASLR 4.05 (Not tested):
*(uint16_t *)0xFFFFFFFF9F28E202 = 0x63EB; #define DISBL_PROC_ASLR 0x286202
Kernel patch to disable process ASLR on 4.05
*(uint16_t*)(kernelBase + 0x2862D6) = 0x9090;

uart enabler for 4.05 (-:
uint16_t *securityFlags = (uint64_t *)(kernel_base+0x2001516); *securityFlags = *securityFlags & ~(1 << 15); *(char *)(kernel_base + 0x186b0a0) = 0;
right, i only solder 1 wire (tx on ps4) and attach gnd wire to hdd cage, then using like 5$ uart to usb i listen on arduino (serial montor). very simple.
Zer0Tolerance found the method Sony uses for generating the "metadata" in lv1 fselfs. Documentation Soon
fun fact: they use a random generator
Download: / GIT

From the file: randtool

Implementation of the algo used to generate lv1 fselfs "metadata"
Thanks to @DarkElementPL, @FabOne, @raedoob, @Trojaner and @Wultra for the news tips in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! :lovewins:
PS4 4.05 Payload WIP for Game Modding, UART Enabler and RandTool.jpg



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Game modding even before launching actual games ? Fantastic I say.

This proves that there is lot of talent. On fire !!!!


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pleassse i buy a new ps4 with 4.05 and i dont know how to run the exploit and debug setting every time i have 3 dots in middle of screen anyone can help


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@PSXHAX mm. why does it say this or in a PS4 thread? Im just asking because this isnt about PS4 but the PS3 even Zeco said so
Or.. maybe im looking at it in the wrong context?





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@LightningMods Yep, another case of you forgetting I'm a human being, I'm not perfect, and I'm spending 10+ hours a day here lately trying to keep up so sometimes news and tweets will be combined in articles making them a catch-all for what's happening at the time.

This typically occurs when I'm busy to save time, as I do have a real life beyond PlayStation stuff and with things heating up in the scene I expect combining news, tweets, etc in one post will happen quite often in coming months.

That said, please keep in mind each will not always have a separate article, category, etc for the future so that I don't have to invest more time re-explaining this all over again thanks!
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