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We've seen both a PS4 1.76 Permanent Internet Browser and a Guide to Enabling PS4 1.76 Internet Browser Without Signing Into PSN in the past, and on this cold winter day PlayStation 4 developer @2much4u heats things up by releasing a PS4 4.05 Permanent Internet Web Browser Payload to (you guessed it) permanently enable the Web browser on 4.05 OFW Exploited PS4 consoles. :fire::tree:

Download: enableWebBrowser405.bin (16 KB)

Below are some related Tweets, and thanks to @LightningMods for the heads-up in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier this morning! <3

CrazyVoid's patches to allow webkit (4.05)
#define KERNEL_REGMGR_SETINT 0x4CEAB0 uint64_t *(sceRegMgrSetInt)(uint32_t regId, int value) = NULL; sceRegMgrSetInt = (void *)&ptrKernel[KERNEL_REGMGR_SETINT]; sceRegMgrSetInt(0x3C040000, 0);
3.55 Kernel Download: 355.7z (4.1 MB)
proc_rwmem (as it seems) is located at 0xFFFFFFFF8329EF10 in the 3.55 Kernel elf! ENJOY modding your favourite Games on 3.55 PS4! :) Thanks to notzecoxao for the 3.55 Kernel elf :D
Download: kernel-370-devkit.dump.bin.bz2 (10.13 MB)
3.70 neo devkit kernel from PS4 :)
4.05 Kernel Download: k_405.7z (4.24 MB) / Kernel_4.05 .7z (Mirror) / PS4_4.05_DUMP.rar (841.9 MB) via e✘treme
rizzo signatures for 4.05 (taken from 1.01 full symbols kernel)

Download: holy_grail.riz (15.76 MB)

Thanks to @Ashford, @oneman123, @UmarDaBest559 and @Wultra for the news tips in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! :coffee:
PS4 4.05 Permanent Internet Web Browser Payload by 2much4u.jpg



Ah no I did not, must be the mpeg2 and vc license then? Thanks for the hint

I dont expect it will be permanent for now but that is at least a way to use it, will try!


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Ya'll may already know this but
If you already had the PS4 1.76 Permanent Internet Browser,
Then there is no need to do any thing else your already Patched :)

Thank you 2Much4U
For tho's that this is New to
This just right for ya"
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