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Previously we've seen the Russian / Brazilian, Egyption and standard PS4 GameSharing methods, but today PlayStation 4 hacker xmaxkatsu shared a glimpse at a hardware method he's using to get unlimited PSN games on primary accounts via Sony's latest PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.07! :openedeyewink:

This isn't the first time hardware mods have been suggested for the PlayStation 4, and his Tweet (below) states the following, to quote:

PS4 4.07 Unlimited PSN Gamesharing Hardware Method by Xmax Katsu.jpg"4.07 :) flash+HDD S/N bypass :) unlimit PSN primary acc share possible :)"

Just imagine how many times you could gameshare Destiny, Call of Duty, Final Fantasy VX, or any other game you'd like. Especially for the money-grabbers who hack a console to make revenue from it, I could see it go big in a way.

PS4 4.07 Unlimited PSN Gamesharing Hardware Method by Xmax Katsu 2.jpgWe'll see if I can speak with Xmax Katsu this week, and maybe we can find out a bit more over this topic. Hopefully he can post a tutorial over this, and what is needed in order to execute this to work!

Cheers to @mcmrc1 and @UmarDaBest559 for the news tip also in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :lovewins:
PS4 4.07 Unlimited PSN Gamesharing Hardware Method by Xmax Katsu 3.jpg



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I can see a raspberry pi and the other device i dont know. Maybe teensy? This seems to be little equal to the brazilian jailbreak. Cant wait for more news.


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still better than Linu.. *cough* nothing - unfotunately only pure backups instead of CFW/JB :(

so to share PSN game a Teensy is needed to copy "original" account or PKG can be used too?
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