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Since his 4.05 PS4 Exploit, related Documentation, release of the full 4.55 PS4 Jailbreak and 4.55 PS4 Holy Grail homebrew enabler today PlayStation 4 developer @SpecterDev made available via Twitter his 4.55 WebKit exploit write-up for the "setAttributeNodeNS()" bug so other scene devs and enthusiasts can learn from it. :geek:

Here's an excerpt from the complete setAttributeNodeNS UAF file, to quote: Conclusion

For a seasoned webkit attacker, this bug is trivial to exploit. For non-seasoned ones such as myself however, working with WebKit to leverage a read/write primitive from WebCore heap corruption can be confusing and challenging.

I hope through this write-up that it can help other researchers new to webkit to understand a bit of the magic that happens behind webkit exploitation, as without understanding fundamental data structures such as JSObjects and JSValues, it can be difficult to make sense of what's happening.

This is why I focused the core of the write-up on going from heap corruption to obtaining a read/write primitive, and how type confusion with internal objects can be used to achieve it.

In the next section (yet to be published), we will cover the kernel exploit portion of the 4.55 jailbreak chain. While this WebKit exploit will work on 5.02 and lower, the kernel exploit will only work on firmware 4.55 and lower.

Cheers to @Denisuu for the news tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox tonight! :beer:
PS4 4.55 WebKit Exploit Documentation Write-up by SpecterDev.jpg



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@FFTHEWINNER Since redoing the UserGroup Promotions recently we made the 'Founding Member' group our 7-day sandbox to combat some spam issues we ran into... after someone is registered for 7-days they get the badge and permission to make posts, but I agree the badge name should be changed to better reflect what it's for now. ;)

The donation button idea I never went for because we do offer VIP Memberships... there are less than 20 total (a few are long-time friends of mine who got the badge for free) but nevertheless if someone wants to go that route they can.

Over time we'll come up with a better solution for some other things (like new threads) but right now the scene is progressing too rapidly so I have to throttle areas of the site that are more time-consuming headaches for me, and right now people creating 1,000 similar threads asking for PS4HEN help or How to Update Firmware (even though there are guides linked in many of the articles) needed to be nipped in the bud. :bananaman13:

PS: Thanks for all the feedback! <3


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Problem donation like Mega, make donation, not money, legal crap when make money trail to we. Many footprints make not. Find way make donation, no trail, perhaps extra nice.

Know work make site. Paint big target to head you. Not all respect voice shout loud, but respect exist. Thank you.


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I didn't see any references to external USB drives in the documentation. Will that be divulged in future doc releases or will that implementation stay hidden the blackbox of non-open source code?


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@PSXHAX How about you keep the "Founding Member" tag for people who already have the badge, and create a new badge called "New Member" to fulfill the purpose "Founding member currently does?

imo, the thing with VIP is that it is monthly. i know that some people, including me, would not consider a VIP subscription but would gladly pay a donation from time to time, as the former is something you do when you have a little extra money and forget about, while the latter, even though you can of course cancel it anytime, is a subscription. that is simply how i feel :)
and of course there is also the "side ads" suggestion ;)

I see. what about the PM system though? i thought since it was only for Senior Members that it wasnt consuming a lot of resources. just curious :)


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@FFTHEWINNER The way our Xenforo is set up, badges are per UserGroup... so adding another badge would mean I'd have to add another group, permissions, backend code changes in multiple templates across 3 styles so definitely not happening :p

Much easier to rename the current badge and call it a day. :)

Good point on the donation vs VIP thing, I didn't think of it that way and will keep it in mind down the road... PMs got abused recently, so they're only for Devs, Mods and VIPs.

As mentioned before, since it's just me running everything throttling problem areas (like new threads, PMs, the Shoutbox, etc) is all I can do so that time can be spent on other things... when things slow down PMs may return for other groups also.


@PSXHAX you are doing a great job, i appreciate that with all my respect, and you deserve an extra beer for all the effort.

And now i understand why are you playing only "Escape" games like you mentioned in a before post :))
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