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Since reporting on the much welcomed news of PS4 homebrew on 4.55 OFW, today following his PS4 UART to DCSD Project updates PlayStation 4 developer qwertyoruiopz announced on Twitter that he discovered a kernel bug in the official PS4 Firmware 5.00 and while making Sony nervous is busy exploiting it naturally! :love:

While we're all eagerly awaiting more details on this and new KOTF PS4 game releases check out some of the related Tweets below, as follows:

Thanks to @ArthurBishop, @B7U3 C50SS, @Bultra, @dxbline, @mcmrc1, @raedoob and @UmarDaBest559 for the news tips in the PSXHAX Shoutbox earlier today! :D
PS4 5.00 NOBUNAGA Kernel Bug & Exploit Development by Qwertyoruiopz.jpg



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Like always qwerty will say he has full access to kernel but wont release anything. Best we can expect is some pictures from him.


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Cool, he just got the attention that this kid was seeking for. Expect more semi-fake exploits for new firmware documented by photo on twitter :D

Old rule still applies: Not public = doesn't exist unless it's from recognized developer like flatz, zecoxao etc
well, he is a recognized developer.
but if he have many exploits, I think he should release the older one, for the older fws


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He doesn't have nothing. Only a good microSD to save pictures. :LOL:

I don't understand HOW people believes to him for everything he tweets. And WHY we continue to speak about him......


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Because whether end-users figure it out or not he's an upper level developer who unlike most complaining has actually released PS4 stuff (among other platforms) publicly for free, and has the support of Rebug Team members among others... from today's Tweets:

To quote from that, in part: "So please stop disturbing real devs like @qwertyoruiopz and @flat_z and wait until they finished their work and release it if they will do."

If he never released anything PS4-related or didn't have the backing of reputable PS4 Devs like CTurt and Teams like Rebug then you'd have a case... but right now the facts all point to letting him do his thing, remaining patient and thankful for the time he invests. <3


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Simply Buy a PC, DL and Play Backups (if you need it), Chill and maybe sometime you'll see a Released Nice Work for PS4 ... until then, Happy PC Gaming :p
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