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Since the recent PS4 5.01 WebKit Exploit PoC (Proof of Concept) by ALEXZZZ9 others have been modding and skinning it including ItsXirano with the PS4 5.X FullAutoInstall WebKit Exploit and a reskinned version of the original dubbed PS4 Breacher by Monstro of IRC #ps4dev. :geek:

Live Demos: PS4AutoExploit / PS4 Breacher

To quote from the PS4 5.X FullAutoInstall WebKit Exploit

Based on:
Why PS4 FAI Tool ?

Full Auto Lots of Updates More Things Coming Soon The Better Webkit Hack This exploit supports all PS4 5.XX (5.0>5.50)!

  1. Install the latest version of node from
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Run npm install

Use localhost , Like XAMPP to host the exploit


MIT License. See attached file.

Webkit PS4 5.01 by Alexzzz9 dump libkernel.sprx and libSceWebkit.sprx
Thanks to both bladerunner6 and @Fimo for letting us know and to @Al Azif for the heads-up on the reskin in the PSXHAX Shoutbox. <3
PS4 5.X FullAutoInstall WebKit Exploit Mod and PS4 Breacher Reskin.jpg



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Ok, i found the UpdateBlocker+HEN+Spoofer bin (even tho it does literally say Update Blocker.. lol), it does spoof the system info to 5.05. Does this mean i can use this to install games from disc that require >4.55FW? Like is it possible to do this to use the Barthen method to patch them for 4.55/4.05?

haider dero

hey guys im new to this comunity and im already falling in love with it so much to learn about..
so my question is what is this actually? is this jailbreak? can we install homebrews??
what basically we can do with this??


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why nobody is releasing any game has been dumped from PS4 running FW 5.05 yet? i know its private exploit, but we can have one game dump from a higher FW.


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@tommasi clues in the name "private".

Look how solid the secret circle is, no leaks, very little info, no games uploaded as a tease.

They have a good water tight crew.

@P3T3s @snakeout spoof wont let you play higher games. Those games need to be dumped (decrypted) on the higher FW via exploit.
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