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Recently developer Fire30 shared on Twitter some PS4 Firmware 6.20 Build Strings which have been added to the Dev Wiki displaying the current status as 'dumped' leaving many asking the proverbial question of ETA WEN for a public kernel exploit release to complement the PS4 6.XX JSC_ConcatMemcpy WebKit Exploit so PlayStation 4 consoles on recent Firmware can be jailbroken. :unsure:

Previously Fire30 publicly released a PS4 Webkit Exploit PoC for 2.XX OFW, PS4 HENkaku Exploit for 3.55 Code Execution and FireKaku PS4 3.15 / 3.50 OFW Ports of the exploit... so although he may decide not to do a public 6.20 release at least he has a track record of sharing his findings publicly with the PS4 scene in the past. :lovewins:

To speculate briefly, besides obvious legal hassles a reason he may opt against doing a public 6.20 kxploit release is what developer @Mathieulh (Twitter) mentioned on Discord last month... to quote:

"No one is interested in doing a release for various reasons including how we don't have any other exploit chain after this one XD"

Like it or not, that's a compelling reason to keep things private (for the moment) among PS4 developers since end-users can still obtain jailbreakable consoles if they're willing to pay what those selling them are asking.

cat 620.elf | head -c 4096 | sha1sum 2e83ab92cf84da74b526db13500f4611583f7c45 -
r109816/release_branches/release_06.200 Nov 2 2018 05:41:33

PS4 Testkit Build String (5.50 - 6.20) via MrNiato
6.20 : r109816/release_branches/release_06.200 Nov 2 2018 6:41:43 AM
6.02 : r108670/release_branches/release_06.020 Oct 15 2018 3:37:52 PM
5.55 : r96810/release_branches/release_05.550 May 10 2018 12:40:23 PM
5.53 : r91210/release_branches/release_05.530 Mar 28 2018 6:30:33 AM
5.50 : r90807/release_branches/release_05.500 Mar 2 2018 6:29:37 AM
From comes more PS4 developer build strings since the 6.50 BETA: :fire:
release: 0x06503010
build: cex
security-repository-path: release_branches/release_06.500
security-revision: 9852
sys-repository-path: release_branches/release_06.500
sys-revision: 117453
***-internal-build-number: 110553
middleware-repository-path: release_branches/release_06.500
middleware-revision: 20512
middleware-build-number: 70689
vsh-repository-path: release_branches/release_06.500
vsh-revision: 172011
vsh-build-number: 1120522


Thanks to @MrNiato (Twitter) for passing along this news earlier on! (y)
PS4 6.20 Build Strings by Fire30, ETA WEN for Kernel Exploit.jpg


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well it's good to see people aren't cowering under the threats of corporate action. the thing that gets me is these troopers showing up don't seem to be interested in mixing business with pleasure on their twitter. plastering everything about your life as a calling card to lawyers right next to posts bragging they are exploiting. it's been so stupid.

I honestly thought all those cryptic things like morpheus video thing and secret method would all come together as puzzle pieces so not one single person could claim responsibility if sony attacked the keymaster.

Hopefully PSXHax crack team of lawyers can provide counsel on how to get this distributed without being afraid. Stick it to the man PSXHax !


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Maybe this will little speed up 5.55 exploit release, but 6.20 will not be released... This is pure hype, there is a 2 months pattern, and then something like this is "announced".... Now there will be few days of hype,speculations and hits raising on every side, and then it will all go suddenly quiet... For next 2 months, lets say... And there will go again...


Nobody is going to release anything. It may be just another round of "look what i can do", like the last 10000 exploits which never got released.

I mean ok, you have the full right to keep your work private, but then at least stfu and don't get peoples hopes high. This is not directly to Fire30/TJ, this is to anyone whoever bragged about his exploit and never released crap.


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I understand your point... Then why did they released 5.05 already? Then they can still release 5.55 exploit too but they didn't because of the reason you said? Nonsense to me at all.

This is meaningless and worthless news. They should keep to themselves and not telling us until they decide to share it then they can tell the good news before they release it at ETA. Right now. they are just getting an attention. NO ETA AND JUST THEIR WORDS AFTER WORDS. They are waste our time.


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Meh... I just gotta say....

This is total bs, we keep exploit private because sony dont know about it.... I mean, really guys?

In this world, there is very limited people with knowledge how to do this, and guess how many of them work for sony......

Even fewer remain free to do jailbreak just for fun....

So, no bs please
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