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Recently developer Fire30 shared on Twitter some PS4 Firmware 6.20 Build Strings which have been added to the Dev Wiki displaying the current status as 'dumped' leaving many asking the proverbial question of ETA WEN for a public kernel exploit release to complement the PS4 6.XX JSC_ConcatMemcpy WebKit Exploit so PlayStation 4 consoles on recent Firmware can be jailbroken. :unsure:

Previously Fire30 publicly released a PS4 Webkit Exploit PoC for 2.XX OFW, PS4 HENkaku Exploit for 3.55 Code Execution and FireKaku PS4 3.15 / 3.50 OFW Ports of the exploit... so although he may decide not to do a public 6.20 release at least he has a track record of sharing his findings publicly with the PS4 scene in the past. :lovewins:

To speculate briefly, besides obvious legal hassles a reason he may opt against doing a public 6.20 kxploit release is what developer @Mathieulh (Twitter) mentioned on Discord last month... to quote:

"No one is interested in doing a release for various reasons including how we don't have any other exploit chain after this one XD"

Like it or not, that's a compelling reason to keep things private (for the moment) among PS4 developers since end-users can still obtain jailbreakable consoles if they're willing to pay what those selling them are asking.

cat 620.elf | head -c 4096 | sha1sum 2e83ab92cf84da74b526db13500f4611583f7c45 -
r109816/release_branches/release_06.200 Nov 2 2018 05:41:33

PS4 Testkit Build String (5.50 - 6.20) via MrNiato
6.20 : r109816/release_branches/release_06.200 Nov 2 2018 6:41:43 AM
6.02 : r108670/release_branches/release_06.020 Oct 15 2018 3:37:52 PM
5.55 : r96810/release_branches/release_05.550 May 10 2018 12:40:23 PM
5.53 : r91210/release_branches/release_05.530 Mar 28 2018 6:30:33 AM
5.50 : r90807/release_branches/release_05.500 Mar 2 2018 6:29:37 AM
From comes more PS4 developer build strings since the 6.50 BETA: :fire:
release: 0x06503010
build: cex
security-repository-path: release_branches/release_06.500
security-revision: 9852
sys-repository-path: release_branches/release_06.500
sys-revision: 117453
***-internal-build-number: 110553
middleware-repository-path: release_branches/release_06.500
middleware-revision: 20512
middleware-build-number: 70689
vsh-repository-path: release_branches/release_06.500
vsh-revision: 172011
vsh-build-number: 1120522


Thanks to @MrNiato (Twitter) for passing along this news earlier on! (y)
PS4 6.20 Build Strings by Fire30, ETA WEN for Kernel Exploit.jpg


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Well here's one hopes at least 1 year after PS5 releases we have newer hack available a not only exploit but something more permanent like CFW cause what i'm going to do with two Brand New In Box PS4 Pro with 4.74 OFW or it was 4.73


Really Hoping , Theres a work around for games like fortnite.
Damn 1 game is stopping me from having a bunch.
might have to buy a system just for the kid.
Hoping the good guys will release soon, for the CFW 6.20


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If release happens, the scene will resserect for access to everything, I know someone who already cracked the fw, although private, just releasing methods, but if you are smart, u can get it to work, anyways good stuff lads!


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An update can only do so much, unless update is major again, although it is crucial on their servers with more jailbreak consoles having access, that way they will have to give up and learn that you can never win "hackery"


I don't think some of you fully know what you're asking for when you want it released right now or complain that it's kept private. You're shooting yourself in the foot.
  • Like others have said I think this will lead to maybe a 5.55 release, unless for some reason the new 6.20 is based on the same method. Then I doubt we will even see that.
  • There's still a large amount of new systems out there to buy to do the 5.05 exploit and there's a LOT of games you can play.
  • Yes a 6.20 exploit would mean all the latest games.. but what about after that. What if this is the last entry point found for a while.
  • There's going to be new games coming out until the end of the console life... and typical these games are the games that push the system to the max, since developers are now well seasoned in PS4. So coming out now with it means the next version being patched and no access to these games.
So unless another point of entry comes out beyond this I don't see 6.20 being release.. and I'm total okay with that.. if it means having a end of life PS4 Firmware 7.xx 8.xx or what ever being exploited to allow the full library of games.


Twitter :
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Here is some Build String taken from my PS4 Testkit from firmware 5.50 to 6.20 :
  • 6.20 : r109816/release_branches/release_06.200 Nov 2 2018 6:41:43 AM
  • 6.02 : r108670/release_branches/release_06.020 Oct 15 2018 3:37:52 PM
  • 5.55 : r96810/release_branches/release_05.550 May 10 2018 12:40:23 PM
  • 5.53 : r91210/release_branches/release_05.530 Mar 28 2018 6:30:33 AM
  • 5.50 : r90807/release_branches/release_05.500 Mar 2 2018 6:29:37 AM


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@robofox83 it's better to keep it under covers then rather than parading all over the internet bragging the unobtainable.

Srsly, Only reason I bought PS4 was for DriveClub hype on console launch. That was a BIG lie by Sony to push PSN+ subscriptions. 2 years later the POS finally releases, nobody gave 2 shits about it then. I gave the system a 2nd chance when GTA launched thinking friends would play, yeah that didn't last long. People kept going back to play good games on PS3 like Dark Souls.

When I finally said FK IT. and boxed ps4 up I was SOOOO frustrated at how much Sony was crapping all over its store. Seriously, 20 pages of Dead or Alive "costumes" under it's New Releases. Constantly being slapped in the face by Sony with "Here you go people! Pix The Cat FREE this month keep renting these PSN+ titles :D"

I think even 4.05 only lasted a couple of months before I realized the library was crap. Sony Portstation full of indies, that's all it was. Scene was VERY quiet all year so it didn't matter, most people forgot about the system.

If hackers are genuinely involved, that's wonderful. But to trail people like the Pied Piper then turn around like Al Azif and Celest "nener nener i buy all my new games, But don't lose Hope! Keep your system on old firmware" .. that's douchebaggery.
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