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Hey all, I have a Ps4 phat version on system 7.02 and have been running exploit to run games on my external 4tb HDD and it's been fine for the past year or so. Recently, when plugging in the external HDD the PS4 crashes entirely and when jailbreaking it'll crash as well.

The PS4 can still run hen or mira now, but when plugging in external HDD, it doesn't appear or register anymore. The external drive lights up when plugged in and you can hear it running for about a minute, but the notification on the PS4 to show the external drive is loading doesn't appear anymore and the hard drive stops and its light turns off.

When the Ps4 first turns on with the external drive in, an error of "Update system software to use extended hard drive" comes up but this has never come up before, but I don't want to update the Ps4 past 7.02 firmware.

Does anyone have an idea of what's happened and if the issue can be resolved without updating the firmware?

Thank you


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Can you plug the hard drive into a pc? It may give you some indication if the fault is with the hardrive or ps4. Also I never formatted my hardrive as extended storage as far as Im aware. I think it was fat32 from a pc.

When I'm jail breaking my ps4 I tend to leave the external drive disconnected & only reconnect after successfully jail breaking the system. Im running 7.55 but would not offer advice regarding firmware version as that's the owners choice.