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Following his PS4 Android APK to Mod BO3 1.00, PlayStation 4 developer @MrNiato shared on Twitter a PS4 Android APK for Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (BO3) 1.26 Campaign 1.0 Mod with a demonstration video below from his YouTube Channel for those with a jailbroken PS4 5.05 console. (y)

Download: bo3.campaign.mrniatomodsps4.apk (70.2 MB) / / GIT

From the Android-PS4-BO3-1.26-Campaign


This an APK to mod BO3 1.26 Campaign on PS4. You will need to inject the RTE payload by yourself before connecting the PlayStation 4.

Current version of the APK : 1.0


Video (1.0) :

[BO3/1.26] PS4 Android APK for Campaign (1.0)
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PS4 Android APK for Black Ops 3 (BO3) 1.26 Campaign Mod by MrNiato.jpg


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