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Earlier this month we saw an All Clients Black Ops 3 (BO3) Zombie PS4 RTM Tool by PlayStation 4 homebrew developer @MrNiato, and today he shared on Twitter a PS4 Android Application to Mod BO3 1.00 using Firmware 5.05 complete with source code and a Black Ops 3 demonstration video of it in action below. :cool:

Download: com.mrniato.bo3ps4.apk (69.5 MB) / com.mrniato.bo3ps4-Signed.apk (70.2 MB - For Game Update 1.26) / / GIT

According to the demo video's description from his YouTube Channel and the, he notes: Android-PS4-BO3-1.00-APK

This an APK to mod BO3 1.00 on PS4. You will need to inject the RTE payload by yourself before connecting the PlayStation 4. Maybe I will add it on an other version.

All Clients Black Ops 3 Zombie APK by MrNiato.
[PS4] Android Application to mod on BO3 on 1.00 [5.05]
[BO3/1.26] PS4 Android APK for Zombie (1.1)
PS4 Android Application APK to Mod BO3 1.00 for 5.05 FW by MrNiato.jpg


If there were a way for android to boot natively on the ps4.. that would be a dream come true.. maybe even like a dual boot kind of situation even.. thats the world I wanna live in one day... lol
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