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Proceeding the PS4HEN Update Blocker Payloads, Child Friendly Pure HEN Loader and Lapy's River Raid PS4 PKG release last month, this weekend PlayStation 4 homebrew developer @Lapy returns via Twitter with PS4 App Lock 1.00 followed by v1.01, v1.02 and v1.04 which can be used as a child safety game blocker (quarantine 😷) requiring a PIN password to unlock installed PlayStation 4 games for use. 🔒 :geek: 🔓

Download: PS4 App Lock 1.05 - Lapy.rar (48.7 MB - includes PS4 App Lock 1.05 - Lapy.pkg)

Spoiler: Legacy Versions

From the Tweets below on his latest PS4 homebrew release: PS4 App Lock 1.00

You have a child or a little brother that you let use your PS4 but you do not want him to play that specific game for whatever reason ? - This app is for you.

Thanks to MSZ_MGS for the idea and DefaultDNB for the suggestions.

PS4 App Lock 1.01
  • Now supports external HDD.
  • The PIN is no longer saved in the save game for more security.
PS4 App Lock 1.04
  • PS4 App Lock 1.04 - Added multi FW selection screen (4.74, 5.05, 6.72 and 7.02) Credits and thanks to notzecoxao and Cedsaill2 for beta test it (y)
Thanks to MSZ_MGS, leeful74, DefaultDNB,djmega818.

PS4 App Lock 1.05
  • PS4 App Lock 1.05 - Support to 7.50, 7.51 and 7.55 thanks to notzecoxao 🥰

Spoiler: Related Tweets

How to install PS4 App Lock via donatelo27
PS4 App Lock 1.00 Child Safety Game Blocker by Lapy05575948.jpg


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