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Earlier this month PlayStation 4 Scene developer @Al Azif (Twitter) began rewriting the PS4 Application Dumper from scratch in C++ aiming for a 'proper' release through extensive testing but noting that no code here is finished or guaranteed to work. :geek:

This comes following the previous PS4 Game / DLC / Updates / Themes Dumping Tutorial, PS4 Scene Collective Payloads, revised PS4 7.02 Game Dumper / FTP Payloads, PS4 7.02 How to Dump a Game Guide, updated PS4 7.55 / 8.00 Payloads, Al Azif's DNS File updates and LibJBC for developer PS4 homebrew apps.

Download: / GIT

Here's more details from the Dumper Testing

Rewriting PS4 application dumper from scratch in C++. This repo will be deleted when a permanent repo is setup. Don't bother cloning unless you're going to be making immediate changes.

No code here is finished or guaranteed to work. Goal is for readability first to allow easier collaboration until everything is working 100%, don't want to optimize it too early:
  1. Get it all working. For the first draft we will assume the asset is completely installed and is currently running on the system.
  2. Refactor to make more sense.
  3. More robust. Find/fix edge cases and have good, descriptive, error messages for issues that cannot be handled automatically.
  4. Setup tests so we don't break anything trying to enhance preformance.
  5. Performance.
"Move fast break things"

ANYONE can contribute. Code is currently licensed under GPLv3, by submitting a pull request you agree to this term and agree to possible relicensing later.

Approximate order of completion:
  • v-png.5395
  • v-png.5395
  • v-png.5395
  • v-png.5395
  • v-png.5395
    Decrypt SELF
  • RIF (For Additional Content w/o Data & Entitlement Keys)
  • Dump
    • v-png.5395
    • v-png.5395
    • v-png.5395
      Additional Content w/ Data
    • v-png.5395
    • v-png.5395
      Retail Theme + Theme "Unlock"
    • v-png.5395
      Remaster (Build a script to diff the actual files with the original content PC side to make a patch PKG vs a Remaster?)
    • Additional Content w/o Data
    • Multi-Disc (Does it just work without changes?)
  • GP4
    • v-png.5395
      Basic GP4 Generation
    • PlayGo Related Issues
    • PFS Compress Option
Cheers to MSZ_MGS via Twitter for the heads-up on this earlier on! 🍻
PS4 Application Dumper Testing Rewritten from Scratch in C++ by Al Azif.jpg


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