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With the PS4 9.00 Jailbreak POOBS4 Exploit out alongside 9.00 PS4 Payloads including a GoldHEN v2.0b Fixed Payload and PS4 9.00 Games dumped featuring Far.Cry.6.PS4-DUPLEX & Resident.Evil.Village.PS4-DUPLEX scene releases, today developer @RF0oDxM0Dz shared on Twitter a PS4 ArabicGuy Menu v1.0 for GTA V Title Updates 1.27 / 1.32 / 1.33 on PS4 9.00 Firmware for those in the PlayStation 4 Scene with a Jailbroken PS4 console! :tree:šŸŽ :santa:

Download: ArabicGuy_V1.0-1.27-1.32-1.33.7z (76.26 KB - includes ArabicGuy-1.0-1.27-support_all_fw.bin, ArabicGuy-1.0-1.32-support_all_fw.bin and ArabicGuy-1.0-1.33-support_all_fw.bin payloads) / ps4-dumper-vtx-900.bin (13.96 KB - 9.00 Port of @XVortex's PS4 Dumper VTX) / ps4-pkg-backup.bin (14 KB - Backs up Base / Update / DLC PKG Files) / ps4-pkg-backup_v11.bin (22.2 KB) / GIT / PKG-BackUP Live Demo / (165 KB - includes BeefQueefMod-PS4.bin) / (165 KB - includes BeefQueefMod-PS4.bin) / (0.17 MB - includes BeefQueefMod-PS4.bin) / (173 KB - includes BeefQueefMod-Unified.bin) / WildeModz-1.38.bin (1.0 MB - WildeModz 1.38 GTA V on 5.05-9.00) / (179 KB - includes BeefQueefMod-Unified.bin) / WildeModz-1.38-1.1.bin (1.0 MB) / WildeModz-1.38 1.2.bin (1.0 MB) / WildeModz-1.32.bin (1.0 MB)

This comes following ArabicGuy v1.0 GTA V Mod Menu Source Code, ArabicGuy v1.1 GTA V PS4 Mod Menu, Grand Theft Auto V ArabicGuy Mod Menu Updates, GTA V Native Caller PS4 Port Packs and his Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) PS4 Mod Menu v1.13 / v1.19 / v1.24... be sure to drop by RFOoD x MoDz's YouTube Channel as well. <3

And from the PKG-BackUP via kmeps4: PKG-BackUP


Modded Version of App Dumper to Backup PKG files to External HDD Named as PKG-BackUP


Version 1.0:

  • Added the ability to automate and copy base, update and DLC PKG from already installed App/Games to External HDD.
Version 1.1:
  • Added "config.cfg" configuration file, this will allow the user to set-up following parameters (You need to add this file on root of External HDD):
    • To define "cusa":cusa=0 -- Disabled.If you want to copy a specific file after payload launched use following example where 12345 it's the ID number of a CUSA.Example: cusa=12345 -- This will direct copy CUSA12345.
    • To define "method":
      0 - Copy Game Base Only
      1 - Copy Game Update Only
      2 - Copy Game DLC Only
      3 - Copy Game Base, Update and DLC
      Example : method=3
      PKG-BackUP v1.1.png
  • Added compatibility with extended storage drive on /mnt/ext0/..
  • Added Copy Percentage Progress notification.
Special Thanks

Massive credits to the following:
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PS4 ArabicGuy Menu v1.0 for Title Updates 1.27 1.32 1.33 on 9.00 Firmware.png


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