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Proceeding his PS4 Payload Avatar Dumper Test, developer Red-J made available a PS4 Avatar Dumper and Injector (Writer) for 4.55 / 5.05 / 6.72 Firmware jailbroken PlayStation 4 consoles. :D

Download: Avatardumper455.bin / Avatar_Dumper505.bin / Avatarinjector455.bin / Avatar_Injector505.bin / 4.55 HTML / 5.05 HTML / GIT / Added to PS4 Playground by EdiTzZ / / GIT

And from the PS4 Avatar Dumper / Writer for 4.55 / 5.05

PS4 Payload Avatar Dumper dumps your Avatars folders from different users. Dumper will create a folder named "Avatar_Backup" to your USB key. In this folder you can find your "0x10..." folders for different users and avatars pictures.

PS4 Payload Avatar Injector read the "Avatar_Inject" folder from your USB key and copy the content of "0x100..." folder from it. When the copy is done, you must change user or reboot the ps4 to view the change.

Fully tested html version on 5.05 and 4.55 100% working, few issue of memory sometimes on 4.55. Binaries versions untested.


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Download: AVtar+PS4-Xplorer.rar (96.08 MB)
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:arrow: Update: From the latest repository file: PS4-AvatarDumperInjector_V2

Avatar Dumper and injector payload for Ps4 v2

This version of payload will work on 4.55 (untested), 4.74 (untested), 5.05 (working) or 6.72 (working).

You must use a bin loader to use it at the moment

The payload will check if an USB key is connected and contain "Avatar_Inject" folder.

Change since v1:
  • The payload loop to wait your usb key
  • The USB port is detected dynamically
  • Avatar_Inject content will be copy to connected user dynamically
  • An avatar backup will be done on usb key before the copy process
When the copy is done, you must change user or reboot the ps4 to view the change.
This code is inspired by history_blocker from stooged Code is compiled with Stooged payload *** It can be ported easily on Scene collective *** but have issue with this *** on my OS.

Greets: Stooged for history blocker and a lot of code who inspired me, Al-Azif for his help, Team eversion for universal fw things, DefaultDNB and all people who work really on ps4 scene and don't just talk ! You know who your are;)

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PS4 Avatar Dumper and Injector for 4.55  5.05 Firmware by Red-J.jpg


@BwE, Oi, mate, why so salty all the time? Not very useful for me, but someone would love to stick their avatar into their jb ps4, so why not appreciate a handy tool made for you completely free of charge.
Red-J is learning his way around the PS4, this is his first project, imagine what other cool stuff he will progress to.
All the effort that someone put into something must be welcomed, theres learning curve, and its only matter of time before something simple turns into something great.

But, really, theres no need for "avatar dumper".....
If you don’t have avatars, like me, then inject someone else’s, and get avatars, otherwise:

System_data/priv/cache/profile insert your own dds/png

Or system/priv/etc and mod the default avatar.
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