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Following the last four NOBUNAGA PS4 Beta Firmware updates, Sony has now released PS4 Firmware 5.00 Beta 5 to PlayStation 4 Beta Testers so hopefully it won't be long before it goes live for everyone else! <3

Here are some PS4 5.00 Beta 5 OFW official PUP download links courtesy of 0x199, but keep in mind unless you're in Sony's PS4 Beta program you won't be able to install them on your PlayStation 4 console... you can examine and decrypt them of course. :D


PS4 BETA OFW 5.00 Beta 5 (NOBUNAGA) Goes Live to Testers!.jpg



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That... and the other article was getting crowded with 4 Beta updates and the related tweets all in one post, usually Sony only does 4 Betas before a Final release but this time that doesn't seem to be the case. :eek:


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I don´t even start my PS4 anymore, so not installed Beta 5 anymore ... more Fun on PC-Gaming now (more intresting games) ... not really needed 5.00 ... Sony Sucks on usefull FW´s ;)
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