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Recently video game console modder eXtreme shared an update on his latest PlayStation 4 design modification bringing it to version 1.1.

A few pics and a video demo are posted below of this great looking PS4 case mod with more available from his official site! :)

PlayStation 4 Design Mod v1.1.jpg

PlayStation 4 Design Mod v1.1a.jpg

PlayStation 4 Design Mod v1.1b.jpg

PlayStation 4 Design Mod v1.1c.jpg


Chaos Kid

Senior Member
Nice designs you cod also use Plexiglas for top half with some stickers n the nice blue led n have a nice glow if done correct. Or you can etch any image thro plexi so you can have the image glow more then the rest I've done it many times

Chaos Kid

Senior Member
I like what was done 2 bad the radeon isn't actualy in there. I know it's just a sticker but may aswel have the actual one that supports it perhaps cuda
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