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Following his previous release, PlayStation 4 developer @LightningMods shared a screenshot on Twitter of what he calls PS4 CEX2Semi-DEX geared towards those with a retail jailbreakable PS4 5.05 Firmware console. 🍬

Download: UPDATER_BETA.pkg (951 MB) / UPDATER_BETA.pkg (949 MB)

If you're new to the PlayStation scene or unaware, CEX typically refers to a retail console whereas DEX designates a Developer (Debug / Test) unit or the features thereof such as Debug Settings.

According to the Tweets below while DEX loads on boot a HEN is still required, but as mentioned most newer PS4 games contain a higher software development kit version so they won't work on a 5.05 console meaning the wait continues for a Future PS4 Jailbreak Exploit... and to quote from LightningMods:

"I think as far as practicality it's pretty practical considering you just need to install once and it's there forever, usefulness I just like the UI and debug shortcut, it's mostly only for testkit lovers, like a theme."

:alert: DO NOT use leeful74's Ps-phwoar exploit host with any of my apps until he fixes it or you get a kernel panic.

Update includes:
  • Support for PS4 PRO
  • Small fixes
Spoiler: Related Tweets

POC PS4 Devkit/Testkit SEMI-DEX Install Video
  • Flash Devkit
  • Flash Testkit
  • Revert back to Retail
Unlimited Test/DevKit Activation Theory (Not Tested)

1. Download PKG
2. Convert to retail and which gives 3000 day activation
3. Install any newer testkit pup and enjoy 3000+ activation days

Or just convert to retail and never expire (should still be able to use fake packages).

Spoiler: Additional Tweets
PS4 Semi Testkit/Devkit Updater Installation Guide (CEX2SEMI-DEX) - 5.05 PS4 Only

Hello everyone, welcome back to my channel! For today's video I will be showing you guys a new homebrew for the PS4. The new program we will be talking about is "CEX2SEMI-Dex" which is a testkit/devkit updater for 5.05 HEN consoles. If you guys did enjoyed this video please be sure to leave a like and subscribe to my channel for more daily tutorials just like this!

Additional Notes:

• This is a POC “Proof Of Concept” so this is not an official release. If you installed this onto your PS4 and accept the agreement and something does happen while updating, me neither are devs are responsible for any damage that this homebrew may cause on your HDD/Console.

• Note I’ve tested this 6x already to make sure that this is a safe homebrew.

• This won’t allow you to get online or play games higher then 5.05 FW.

• Take this is as a “theme” and a UI change. *Debug settings at the home screen*

• You can flash to Devkit/Testkit and as well revert back.

:arrow: For those interested in learning more about PlayStation 4 DEX / Debug Settings on a Retail PS4 console below are some related articles from our archives, sorted by date with the oldest first:
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PS4 CEX2Semi-DEX CEX Console with DEX Debug Settings via LightningMods.jpg



Thanks for cex2 semi dex but please update it, i hope can update with devkit pups, downgrade and upgrade, full debug settings and connect ps4 neighborhood.
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