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Just for inform everyone all my Cheats.PKGs for PS4 are up to date on my Patreon Page in the Public Section, so all people can download my PS4 Cheats.FPKGs PlayStation 4 Fake Packages now!

Archive currently includes 30 titles, 46 Versions ID and 77 MD5 Checksum already available!

For PS4 Cheater, you can download my own modded Al-Azif Exploit Host v0.46 A1. All Payloads is included. (52 Payloads at total)

Last update 10 October 2018 - Online since August

You can take a look here :

Image Alpha 1:
Image Alpha 1-1.jpg

Image Alpha 1-2.jpg

Image Alpha 1-3.jpg

Image Alpha 1-4.jpg

Image Alpha 1-5.jpg

Image Alpha 1-6.jpg

Image Alpha 1-7.jpg

Image Alpha 2:
Image Alpha 2-1.1.jpg

Image Alpha 2-2.2.jpg

Image Alpha 2-3.3.jpg

Image Alpha 2-4.4.jpg

Image Alpha 2-5.5.jpg

Image Alpha 2-6.6.jpg

Image Alpha 2-7.7.jpg

Spoiler: Legacy Images


Have a great week-end dear friends :)


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I appreciate the work i think its great just too bad it didn't get its own headline as i love having the ability to install cheats via pkg... would be awesome if you could share a guide how you created them.

I just want unlimited hacksilver for GOW all infinite health isnt fun lol.. Take care.


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@jgduff awesome stuff looks nice haven’t been able to test yet

AND PLEASE let’s not turn this into another request thread about this game and that game. We really need a clean cheat/offset/etc thread. There already enough ruined threads like that (Cause you know that’s what going to happen).


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This is fantastic! Takes me back to the PS3 days with the eboot mods and cheat pkgs. @jgduff is it possible to upload the pkgs to a different website? Uptobox is not very good for downloading ...


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@PSXHAX : Big thanks to you dear friend :)

Just for inform anybody interested, all is already tested on others since 3 or 4 month already. Its just the continuation of my PS3 Cheats.pkgs list.

Take care all and thanks again PSXHAX.

Edit : How i can Edit this thread for update the Exploit Host when i need to make it please ?
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