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Things are really heating up in the PS4 scene lately, with the introduction of an Open Source PS4 *** yesterday, additional details on a potential PS4 2.55 / 2.57 Trick to gameshare from sanyok111777 and now PS4 code execution confirmed by PlayStation 4 Developer CTurt! :tup:

From Twitter: THIS IS NOT A DRILL! I have code execution on the PS4!

Be sure to drop by CTurt's Blog and CTurt's GIT, and from IRC on this remarkable PS4 hacking news:

[HelsAngel] hey CTurt you said ps4 now has code execution how is that possible or done?
[CTurt] well, there is a lot of drama surrounding it
[CTurt] I'm trying to keep quiet, I say too much already
[HelsAngel] ok
[CTurt] :)
[Ezio] cool
[CTurt] just finished WiFi code loader
[HelsAngel] you gonna share that program?
[CTurt] soon
[CTurt] can someone set me the offset of libc memcpy, please?
[HelsAngel] nice
[flatz] CTurt, use pattern "49 89 F8 49 29 F0 49 39 C8" minus 0xA bytes
[CTurt] not in 1.76 libc
[CTurt] nvm, I was using a bad dump
[CTurt] thanks
[CTurt] it's 0x46530 if anyone else wants it
[xerpi] hi CTurt, you've done an awesome job with the PS4-playground and the PS4-*** :D
[CTurt] thanks!
[CTurt] how can I get mingw to compile using System V AMD64 ABI convention?
[xerpi] does -mabi=sysv work?
[nas_plugi] it does, but only if you're smart enough to use the 64bit version
[xerpi] also maybe you want to use: -march=btver2 -mtune=btver2
[xerpi] " Targeting builds for Jaguar can be done with the -march=btver2 -mtune=btver2 switches"
[CTurt] thank you so much xerpi

Stay tuned- lots more PlayStation 4 developments to come we can only hope! :D
Not open for further replies.