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Following my PS4 Source Community Trainer which allows users to submit game cheats, here is PS4 Community Trainer Update version featuring a new UI (User Interface) followed by v2.1.0.0 and Image Pack below!

New in version
  • Converted Trainer to WPF
  • New UI Design
  • Faster Loading
  • Search Function Added
  • Fully Resizeable
PS4 Community Trainer Update
  • Offline Mode Added!
  • Bug fixes
Spoiler: Depreciated

Some images are never loading?
-> Download the image pack below!

Image Pack (25th Nov 2018):
:idea: Make sure to join our Discord server so you don't miss any updates!

You will also get support in the discord server if you need any help with the trainer, and feel free to check out my YouTube Channel as well.

PS4 Community Trainer | Host Your OWN Trainer ONLINE!
PS4 Community Trainer Update with New UI by DeathRGH.jpg


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i miss this trainer. I just to use it from my android phone, it was great!! .... i find it worked much better then tylermods one :( They aren't even on discord anymore (or maybe not public?)
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