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A few months ago PlayStation 4 developer @MrNiato shared a PlayStation 4 TestKit DEX Console Manager demonstration video, and today following the launch of his new site he returns with a Happy New Year gift bringing PS4 developers the Console Manager Tool Source Code for TestKit / DevKit owners. :cool:

Download: PS4 Console Manager.rar (362.21 KB) / Interop.ORTMAPILib.dll via oldschoolmodzhd

To quote from his site [SC] Console Manager Tool for PS4 TestKit / DevKit

Nearly 2 month after the video I release the source code of my console manager, yes this is really basic but maybe one day it will be useful. Of course I don't include the Interop.ORTMAPILib because this is illegal.

Cheers @MrNiato for letting us know of the news in the PSXHAX Shoutbox! :bananaman5:
PS4 Console Manager Tool Source for TestKits  DevKits by MrNiato.jpg



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It's for PS4 developer consoles (aka TestKits / DevKits) not the retail PlayStation 4 consoles sold to the general population.
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