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Earlier this year we reported on a PS4 DS4 Controller USB-C Circuit Board Mod, and today PS4Scene developer @MariusHeier let us know on Twitter that he released an updated version supporting JDS30 / JDS40 / JDS55 models for only $10 now. 🎮

From, to quote:

I manufacture all circuit boards in my workshop in Norway.‍

You can buy them on two different marketplaces.

For EU (prepay VAT, no surprise customs fees)
Rest of the world
Below is footage on his latest PS4 Controller USB-C Circuit Board update, and check out Marius Heier's YouTube Channel which also features some entertaining and informative videos like Selling Circuit Boards From My Garage in 2022 outlining the financial details including revenue he's made from them this year. 🤑

USB-C. They wouldn't. So I did.

This is my latest USB-C circuit board for the PS4 controller.
It replaces the original usb-micro circuit board, with my usb-c circuit board.

No soldering. World wide shipping. And only 10$

This board also come in a JDS30 and JDS40 version, along with the JDS50.

I made this video as an instruction video on how the new board is installed. Check out my new webpage over at on where, and how to buy.

PS4 Controller USB-C Circuit Board (No Soldering) Update by Mariusheier.jpg



Thanks for all the great feedback! And double thanks to everyone that has bought boards so far.

I have some plans for distribution and wholesale that I'm working on. I know this is gonna sound a bit crazy but, it is. Haha

I'm working on a super small mini CNC mill to cut out the USB-C port hole in a few seconds. The idea is that you can use it to super fast remove the plastic to fit the USB-C connector.

Needle filing the port hole is no problem when you are doing your own controllers. But if you are gonna do many, it is gonna be super help full to do it perfectly and fast each time. The price goal is gonna be 40-50$.

I will def have a retailer/wholesale pricing model as well. I just need a bit of time to amp up my production.