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Proceeding the PS4 Games Minimum Firmware Lists, List of PS4 Game Updates Requiring 4.55 or Lower and recent KiiWii SELF HOST INDEX V4.5 update, today @DEFAULTDNB let us know they're seeking data from testers for the CUSA Detector Beta which aims to detect PS4 games with 4.55 base versions and below. (y)

Download: (3 MB)

Spoiler: Legacy Versions

To quote from KiiWii on the release: CUSA DETECTOR is a (windows only) app I threw together to help quickly identify games with BASE versions <=4.55. It is also part of a larger toolbox I have been working on, but I have separated it out as a standalone app for simple testing.

The method I am using is pretty accurate: I think, but I need to be sure. I have referenced octolus, orbismodding, sceparty, and psdevwiki for my current method.

Simply enter the NP TITLE ID of the DISC or PKG you have and get a result instantly. RED for not 4.55 compatible, GREEN for 4.55 compatible.

This app took <10 mins to devise and set up, so I expect there to be a lot of exceptions and bugs, hence why I need testers.

Please report like this or similar: GAME NAME / CUSAXXXXX / FW VERSION (or <> 4.55)


Crash N Sane / CUSA07402 / 4.55
SONIC MANIA / CUSA07023 / >4.55
FRIDAY 13TH / CUSA06846 / >4.55
GOW / CUSA07408 / 5.05
GOW / CUSA07412 / 5.05
GOW / CUSA07410 / 5.05
GOW / CUSA07435 / 5.05

Leeful, godreborn, leonmagnus99, peteruk, mech, Roflcopter574, tommaloney, LuigiXL and anyone who can please participate and contribute. Thanks all in advance!
PS4 CUSA Detector Beta for 4.55 and Below Base Versions by KiiWii.jpg


is there a "update" finder like the ps3 days from aldos? you could put in game id and it would list updates with links .. is there anything like that out there? i have all my dumps still and would be easy to install updates and redux my dumps.

if not maybe a request to app.?. i'll give it a whirl
@barelynotlegal I just answered this for you :p

There are fake signed updates around here you can use to update your dumps: use chrushev/duxa update tool to convert the CUSA ID if it doesnt match... it has to match your dump to work.
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