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Previously we reported on a Kodi / XBMC Media Center Skin PS4 Theme and a PS2 Legacy Dashboard Dynamic PS4 Theme, well today following the PS4HEN Homebrew Enabler release a variety PS4 Custom BGM (background music), Wallpaper and Animated Themes in the form of PKG files for PlayStation 4 v4.05 have surfaced from PlayStation 4 developers, modders and PS4 *** leak miners alike! :geek:

Most notably thus far, @yyoossk (Twitter) shared a PS4 custom theme sample PKG and demo video (below) on his YouTube Channel where he states in the video's description that a tutorial will be coming soon on his blog at <3

Other developers including @0x199 (Twitter) and @LightningMods (Twitter) also shared some Custom PS4 Themes for 4.05 OFW which can be found with their related Tweets below along with a bunch more on the PSDevWiki. :ninja:

Download: (7.15 MB) / ps4 sample custom theme + se.rar (8.56 MB) by @yyoossk (BGM: Audacity - AT9 Tool: / customtheme.pkg by @0x199 (7.2 MB) / cube.pkg by @0x199 (23.0 MB) / XY1255-BACK12345_00-0000000000000005-A0000-V0100.pkg by @figarocool84 (19.4 MB) / (2.21 MB - VAGConv2) / Theme_Tools.rar (8.5 MB) / (23.47 MB) / Pirate Theme with BGM.pkg (10.0 MB) / Pirate Tiesto Bgm.pkg (12.0 MB) by @Centrino / The Return of Geohot to PS4.pkg (11.1 MB) by @Centrino / TBOIRebirth.pkg (8.87 MB) by Red7s / EX0001-EXEX00002_00-CUSTOMWEEDTHEME0-A0000-V0100.pkg (15.31 MB) via eXtreme

PS4 Custom Theme Sample PKG
PS4 sample custom theme
PS4 4.05 Jailbreak TBOIRebirth theme
PS4 Custom Theme – Weed Design by e✘treme
Cheers to @DarkElementPL (Twitter), @figarocool84 (Twitter), @LightningMods and @Ps4ProGamer in the PSXHAX Shoutbox today for passing along the news! <3
PS4 Custom BGM and Themes (PKG Files) for 4.05 Firmware!.jpg


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