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Following his PS4 1.76 Permanent Internet Browser Mod, PlayStation 4 modder e✘treme returns with PS4 Custom Home Menu UI modding database information for those looking to modify the menu appearance of their console like ninjas! :ninja:

Also be sure to check out their downloads section and PS4 PKG Database which offers Sony PlayStation 4 Games, Apps and Themes in Package (PKG) File format.

From, to quote: Custom Home Menu – UI Modding – Database Infos

It’s just the beginning of a Custom Home Menu on the PS4. The Home Menu is a part of the User Interface and since the console is hacked, we are able to modify the Menu. Senaxx was the first Scener who showed a Custom Icon.

We can edit the Database with the DB Browser Tool to change Icons or the Title of installed Apps and a bit more atm.

If you have connected your PC via ftp to your 1.76 PS4, you will find the app.db in /system_data/priv/mms

The edit in the Database is limited but we can change a few things in the Menu like the title name, data path, visibility or category.


You can change the data path of the preinstalled Apps by uploading a folder (for example CUSA22222) with Custom Icons in /user/appmeta/ and edit /system_ex/app/NPXS20110/sce_sys with the path.

If you want to remove Icons of installed Apps, you have to edit visible with 0. To show a App for example in TV and Video, you can edit category with gde.


The edit of the title Id, remove Apps and change the category for Games does not work. Also you can’t add a new line to the Database.
Thanks to @VultraAID for sharing the news in the PSXHAX.COM Shoutbox yesterday!
PS4 Custom Home Menu UI Modding.jpg
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