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i don't now where to post this so sorry if its in the wrong area.

i have a ps4 demo console its a CUH 1115a model i got it from Ebay it has some trailers installed on it its really cool and has an app called IDU Utility does anybody now where i can get a ps4 IDU disc?

also believe it or not i can play retail games on it to you just enter staff mode install the game take the game out restart the ps4 put game back in it will show up in the OMSK app i also updated it to demo firmware 4.07 from psn because i have no intent to jailbreak this ps4.


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I did a search here and the only thing I found was this thread:

On a quick Google search I see on a PS4 CUH-1001A Kiosk from flaviodelima, to quote:

Apparently he's in a demo mode with a different dash that blocks all my resources. The only option I have is to put the CD and play offline. This exactly as the video:

I researched on the internet and could access the STAFF MODE, where identified that dash that blocks all called OMSK, already tried to uninstall it but when I do that the game starts on a screen with nothing telling me to insert the IDU UPDATE DISC.

From wpvrn, roughly translated: To study the information: After the transition to IDU system diligently tries to download and install 2 file:
The license file, and I opened the port on the rif file and installed it! Thus, using the proxy, you can redirect requests for files full game license! We need to find them and download!

From the Wiki talk log:
<t4nk476> hi everyone
<t4nk476> I need help my ps4 is stuck on STAFF MODE !
<t4nk476> I have a ps4 DEMO and i can't play Games
<t4nk476> When the ps4 boot i have a blue screen where i can't select anything
<t4nk476> then I unlock with R1+R2+L1+L2+UP+SHARE then i'm on STAFF MODE i can go on XMB but i can't launch anything
<t4nk476> it's not SHARE but OPTION
<eussNL> what is the model number?
<t4nk476> model CUH 1004A
<t4nk476> my ps4 is still stuck on blue screen where i can't select anything
<t4nk476> I can put a game the game appears but i can't do anything
<t4nk476> The OMSK APP is still working
<t4nk476> I think that OMSK doesn't give me right to activate the ps4
<t4nk476> the ps4 boot as soon as i plug the power supply
<t4nk019> Can anyone help me with my PS4 IDU stuck at blue screen
<t4nk019> I can only enter in staff mode in this screen
<t4nk019> I took a picture of the blue screen
1. Reset to factory PS4
2. Complete Initial Setup *Keep Ethernet disconnected and do NOT setup wireless* SKIP NETWORKING
3. Once booted, access staff mode
4. While in staff mode, setup network
5. Turn Network ON
6. as soon as "staff mode" message changes to "please wait, updating idu..." turn networking OFF

You can now play disc games, unfortunately, the "updating idu" message stays there. If OMSK installs, too late.

Staff mode: L1+L2+R1+R2+button options for 10 seconds

From runde, roughly translated:
  • Use R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + Option + Up to about 10 seconds, the console will go to Staff Mode.
  • Then the PS button and the menu again and select Debug Setting.
  • Further in Debug Setting go to System - IDU Mode - Off to turn off the IDU mode.
From MODZ4FUN420: If you wait for it to finish updating which can take a while, that combination does work to get in IDU mode to change it out of IDU mode which won't be hard in debug settings!

Finally, we don't have any PS4 Shop updater links in the PlayStation XML File Updaters thread, but if you check Ebay or collector forums such as from bjeong1381 you may be able to snag a PS4 IDU (Interface Demonstration Unit) Utility / Update Disc also... also below is an image of the PS4 IDU Utility ;)

PS4 IDU Utility.jpg

Today we learned how to install, run, and dump IDU disc games for PS4. The problem: it's annoying, doesnt work on testkits/devkits, but at least it's not hard
IDU discs are used exclusively in Kiosk systems found in GameStop, EB Games, Walmart, any place really that sells games and wishes to show off some of the new or upcoming content.

These generally run demos specifically made for them. They dont run conventionally.
As you can imagine these discs are not really common but sometimes contain neat things.


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According to what the rough translation said in my post above, once you are in Staff Mode you would get to the Debug Settings by pressing 'the PS button and the menu again' whatever that means (no Demo PS4 here to play around with).

correction its R1+R2+L1+L2+UP+OPTION :D

IDU Consoles automatically search for and install latest update...

PS4 4 05 Jailbreak Hosted Locally Plus IDU Loop Fix
If you were dumb like me and accidentally got into IDU mode on a 4.05 you can follow the below instructions to turn it off:

If you just want to host the Jailbreak on your lan and don't want to take your PS4 online this is the way to go. In fact since it is so stable I would recommend this method as it works right away and keeps your PS4 off the Internet(s)...

Good luck! :)

PS4 Demo/Kiosk Unit + Client Version Button combo
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