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Following his PlayStation 4 Tool Box updates, PS4Debug SpeedFix Tweak used for PS4Cheater and the PS4 DevKit Leak, recently PS4Scene developer @DeathRGH reached out on Twitter for help with the tiling algorithm of the frame buffer on PS4 (SCE_VIDEO_OUT_TILING_MODE_TILE or kTileModeDisplay_2dThin) and shared a few videos demonstrating the order in which pixels are tiled from his YouTube Channel below. :geek:

:idea: If anyone can lend a hand feel free to reply below, drop by DeathRGH's Hood Discord Channel or reach out to DeathRGH on Twitter... and remember he also has a DeathRGH's Github Repo and a DeathRGH's Ko-fi Page set up for those who can't offer technical help but would love to support his ongoing work in the scene! <3
PS4 Tiling | Zoom (Slow)
PS4 Tiling | Full Screen (Fast)

🔥 Finally, @zecoxao announced on Twitter that the PS4 SELF File Format was fully documented recently via for those interested in further PlayStation 4 development!
PS4 Dev Help on Tiling Mode Frame Buffer Algorithm, Demos by DeathRGH.jpg


Thank you, I plan to get some sort of a api going that will draw images, text, menus or trainers on any game.

You could argue that mono would suit this purpose but if you go more into detail with stuff like drawing esp it gets messy using mono