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Since his PS4 Payload Injector release, PlayStation 4 Scene developer @mtnjustarie (aka xSpecialFoodx) let us know he recently updated some of his Github repositories including a Downgrade ELF Patched revision of @flatz's script, SelfUtil Patched based on dmiller423's version and a Segments Fixer script to fix segments in IDA Interactive Disassembler. :fire:

Download: / / GIT / selfutil_patched.exe / selfutil_dlls.rar (0.55 MB - includes msvcp140d.dll, ucrtbased.dll and vcruntime140d.dll) / / GIT / / / GIT

Below are further details on each alongside some related notes from @CyB1K on a fully backported Control Update 1.10 that Verified Members can use with the Control.PS4-DUPLEX.pkg base game, to quote:

Notes: 5.05 Backport! Control is a very specific backport with no other alikes so this took a while and couldn't be done manually, many headaches and a pain in the ass, Control's module was out of reach due to the memoryhole size increase made by @flatz to skip the nothingness in the files but on Control it would make the game unable to read the modules, credits to @jocover and @wchdsk who found out this.

Credits to @mtnjustme for creating me the script to move the segments and addresses inside the game files and also for finding and fixing a couple bugs in the code spotted on @jocover's files, which had some pointers/offsets incorrectly redirected/moved.

:note: And from the Downgrade-ELF-Patched

The downgrade elf script by flatz, patched with adding more options and adding another method of fixing memory holes in ***s lower than 6.00.

The first method is of flatz's, and it's to set the size of the segment before the memory hole to cover the whole memory hole, by setting it to the difference between the virtual addresses of the segment before the memory hole to the segment after the memory hole.

The new method is to move the segment after the memory hole to right after the segment before the memory hole and its memory size, the bad part is that the references for the old addresses should be changed too, and the script isn't doing that, for this you need the IDA segments fixer script.

The new method does however handles the program headers, dynamic section, relocation section, and symbol table.

:note: SelfUtil-Patched

Based on dmiller423's version, cleaned the repetitive data before the first segment (usually at 0x4000), added the version segment and added more options.

Every option has an argument, and is optional.

:note: Segments-Fixer

Fixing segments references in case of moving segments, this script adjusts the references to the new locations.

Make sure you input the desired values in the user input, you can also change the values in the program input.

Best not to touch the program variables, unless you know what you're doing.

Finally, a three cat salute 🐈:kitty: 🐈 to the always legendary @jwooh for passing along this PS4 Scene news earlier today for us to share. 🍻
PS4 Downgrade ELF Patched, SelfUtil Patched & Segments Fixer Updates.jpg


Patience. There are a few devs working on 7.51/7.55 whichever one it is.
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