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Proceeding the Concrete Genie 60FPS PS4 Patch, PlayStation 4 Scene video game modding extraordinaire @illusion0001 (aka illusion0002 on Twitter) recently updated his Github Repository with several new PS4 Game 60FPS Patches and Aspect Ratio / Resolution / Framerate Mods for those with a Jailbroken PS4 Console to enjoy! šŸ„³

This comes following the Decrypting PS4 EBOOT.BIN Files Guide, PS4 EBOOT Patcher Method, PS4 EBOOT Patcher Python Script, PS4 RiPKiT / Modding / Cheat Tool, PS4 EBOOT.BIN ELF Patcher, PS4 EBOOT.BIN Mod Ports and Modding Tutorial, TLOU Remastered Improved PS4 Load Times Patch and most recently the Persona 5 and Persona 5 Royal PS4 Game Patches.

As always, those who enjoy his work can drop by Illusion's Patreon Page to support his continued efforts in reverse engineering and game improvements through PS4 EBOOT.BIN Decrypted Executable Patches. :lovewins:
:arrow: Here's the Current Directory Listing of PS4 Game Patches, Installation Instructions, links to the related articles on Illusion's Blog alongside some recent demonstration videos from his YouTube Channel embedded below:
What Remains of Edith Finch at 60FPS on PlayStation 4 - 60FPS Patch for What Remains of Edith Finch

Infamous Second Son 60FPS on PS4

Ghost of Tsushima 60FPS Patch for PS4 Pro

RPCS3 The Last of Us Bloom and SPU Crash Fix Patch - Non MLAA Bug Fixes for The Last of Us (RPCS3)

The Order 1886 - Patched 720p Framerate Tests - Patches for The Order 1886 60FPS, 16:9 Aspect Ratio and More

Hellblade PS4 Resolution Patched Framerate Test
PS4 EBOOT.BIN 60FPS Game Patches, Aspect Ratio & Resolution Mods by Illusion0001.jpg



Is there a debug feature hack for PS4 Quantic Dream games like Heavy Rain and Beyond 2 Souls? PS3 version have that before, but want to know for PS4 as well, especially B2S to enable full screen with debug mode.

Alex Mercury

Is it possible to put games that have no patch for PS4 Pro in 1440p / 30fps? for example the Batman Arkham Knight in 1440p / 30 fps. If it were possible it would be amazing.


Would anyone be kind enough to make a pkg for the elden ring network test on the base ps4, specifically the 60fps unlock and resolution patch, the others would bela plus. I tried and followed multiple guides, edited the eboot.bin but the pkg wont rebuild for me.


Hi, I am new here.

I have a large Ps4 & Xbox One game collection and also already a Ps5 and Xbox Series X. The main incentive to even use a CFW these days are mods like unofficial 60fps patches. I want to play the Resident Evil Origins Collection for PS4 at 60fps. I have it digitally on Xbox and physically for PS4.

I have now updated my PS4 Pro to 9.00 and run the HEN exploit. Then copied my Ps4 disc to PC using software tools via FTP and created a fake package.

Extracted the PKG file with a tool called Patch Builder and decrypted the elf file with the Unfself tool. This was very difficult for me to get unfself at all, since the file is deleted almost everywhere on the filehosts.

i can already tell that i am getting old, because i only found a video and no written instructions. as i understood it: you have to search a given value with the hexeditor and then replace it with the adjusted line for the 60fps.

my problem now is that for resident evil hd & zero of all things, the author illusion01 only gives the finished hex data line and i have to make up the original one myself, so to speak.

i have already wasted 2-3 hours just for hexediting and i can't get any further.

e.g. resident evil zero, file bh0hd.elf-decrypted you have to insert 0x329AED 00 00 70 42.. at 0x329AED the hexeditor hxd finds nothing.

then tried with the value: 00 00 70 42, I find it 20 times in the file, but I don't know what to replace it with.. the 60fps patches and patch instructions and finished result what I want to achieve:


Can someone help an old gentleman on the jumps?


@yukiyamaSUKA if I remember correctly, you need to, using HxD, click the tab at the top that has the search for and go to options, click go to and input the offset (in your example it is 0x329AED) but you need to exclude the 0x, so it would be 329AED. Then if it finds it you type in the finished line without the offset. So 00 00 70 42 and save.

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