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We've seen PS4 Envelope Files in Logs, the Decrypted sl-config.xml.env with Event Log Servers, some PS4 Envelope File Documentation earlier this week and today PlayStation 4 scene developer @SocraticBliss shared on Github via Twitter with help from IDC and zecoxao a Python 2 script PS4 Env Decryptor tool used to delve into the PS4's filesystem. :geek:

Download: / / GIT

Here's some additional details from the ps4_env_decryptor, to quote: PS4 Env Decryptor

SocraticBliss (R)

Special Thanks to IDC for finding the Buffers/IV/Flag and implementation suggestions

... Oh and I guess Zecoxao as well

This tool is for decrypting .env files that are found on the PS4 filesystem.

  1. Obtain the PS4 Envelope Keys and overwrite the 0's in the python script.
  2. Find an encrypted .env file from an extracted PUP and run the script!
python [file]
PS4 .Env Decryptor Python 2 Script for Decrypting Envelope Files.jpg



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Well I thought the exploit would come on 27th but , nevermind ain't gonna sit on it ...I am updating from 5.05 it feels my time was wasted


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^flow has already said 2 weeks ago that he fully found the kexploit. then he posted literally nothing else. not sure how to explain that lol.


@unbreakable Yes theflow did but he has to make sure to get all the bugs out or at least as many as possible. Before he releases it. So the end user won't have any problems when using whatever exploit he has found.

Plus, he also might be trying to implement things that might be useful in it and or maybe making it as simple as possible to use. And those things take time to develop especially if he is doing it by himself. So all I can say it is for all to be patient, it'll happen in time. šŸ˜œ

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