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We've seen PS4 Envelope Files in Logs, the Decrypted sl-config.xml.env with Event Log Servers, some PS4 Envelope File Documentation earlier this week and today PlayStation 4 scene developer @SocraticBliss shared on Github via Twitter with help from IDC and zecoxao a Python 2 script PS4 Env Decryptor tool used to delve into the PS4's filesystem. :geek:

Download: / / GIT

Here's some additional details from the ps4_env_decryptor, to quote: PS4 Env Decryptor

SocraticBliss (R)

Special Thanks to IDC for finding the Buffers/IV/Flag and implementation suggestions

... Oh and I guess Zecoxao as well

This tool is for decrypting .env files that are found on the PS4 filesystem.

  1. Obtain the PS4 Envelope Keys and overwrite the 0's in the python script.
  2. Find an encrypted .env file from an extracted PUP and run the script!
python [file]
PS4 .Env Decryptor Python 2 Script for Decrypting Envelope Files.jpg



We, the users should really remember that 4.05 exploit was implemented by Spectre, but it was failoverflow who throw the first brick or rather a huge rock back in the day.


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Yeah i agree failoverflow def did the first early writeups. Now the way i even knew that i should stop updating my ps4 was a chinese linux demo tho. They showed mario running around and i was like oh ok lol

flow will totally deliver or at least say hey look i need time. Just gotta wait. Ironically summit the fastest pc found potential chemicals that could be used in a cv vaccine. But i would think it would take months prob a year. I think flow will come through before that.


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I have 5 PS4's on 5.05 or lower 1 ps4 pro 5.05 witch Im currently using also a OG black PS4, The Limited Edition Destiny: The Taken King Bundle New in the box, 2 new in the box PS4 slims COD AW bundle.


(the flow-specter and... All are Sony actors) exploit will be available when Sony handsets. Why do you think it should always come to an end?


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Why wait for exploit in every topic, want new game just buy 2nd updated ps4 for low price, buy ps plus for monthly surprise, buy and resell used games.
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