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My PS4 crashed playing Planet of the Apes and since restarting my trophies have no number, only "-" (a dash) beside bronze, silver, gold and total.


Many have suggested to delete and make a new profile but that would mean my trophies would be gone as well. I plan on updating my ps4 in the future and syncing my trophies to my PSN profile.

I used ftp to delete the Planet of the Apes trophy and my trophies came back after restarting. I have seen people say deleting trophies with 0% will help but it is only a temporary solution, meaning the trophies might get corrupted again.

In fact, this morning I installed a new game and the trophies have become corrupted again. If anyone can help with PS4 error NP-32098-2, please I require your assistance as I dont want to lose my trophies.

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