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Following his PS4 Act.dat and RIF File Research alongside the PS4 Entrypoint 4.05 fork and recent PS4 4.05 Playground Port, today PlayStation 4 developer IDC updated his Github with some PS4 Experiments for 4.05 Firmware users to test out at their own risk he states.

Download: / GIT

According to @DarkElementPL, while there is some interesting code included to activate RIF keys it's commented out possibly for later use as you currently can't build... yet. :ninja:

To quote from the PS4 Experiments 405

Code for random experiments. May or may not work. :alert: Run at your own risk. :alert:

In other PlayStation hacking news today, @Mistawes shared on Twitter some pictures of successfully dumping the PS4 kernel using a hardware modification following Fail0verflow's Documentation and the recent PS4 4.05 Kernel Dumper fix updates. :thumbup:

Thanks to @prreis for the news tip in the PSXHAX Shoutbox this afternoon! <3
PS4 Experiments for 4.05 Firmware by IDC Added to Github.jpg



thanks a lot for all replies it's helpful, I will searching for PS4, R. 4.05 with keep 4.70 for kids :)

but any idea where can found old PS4 , I don't find in local market.
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