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Since Al Azif's PS4 Exploit Host updates, users including @Docta shared some cool Menu Designs with kylum interested in hosting the PlayStation 4 Exploit Host himself... after which PS4 developer @Al Azif shared a pre-release and introduction of a PS4 Exploit Host Themes Github repository! :)

Download: (4.79 MB) / / (Mirror) / GIT

To quote from his post: Pre-release of host where all the HTML is outside of the program. Use /html/exploit.html to edit the main page. Store other files in /static/ and assume they are

I've included the current default page as an example about how to edit it.

And here is a repo for submitting themes. I'm probably going to do like a theme of the week or something on the DNS.

From the PS4 Exploit Host Themes

What is this?

Theme files for ps4-exploit-host

  • Coming Soon(tm)
How to submit
  • Clone repo, add your theme, send pull request
Below are some recent Tweets via Twitter from him as well:

PS4 Exploit Host Themes Github Repository Introduced by Al Azif.png



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Guys is it only me ?

When i run the Hen 90% of the time my PS4 shut down,.. I though i could live with it bcz it's like gambling sometime and it works .. but now it became annoying sometime the ps4 crashes 9 time of 10 tries ...

This only happens with hen from vertex sometimes the lightening hen too (bcz i only use the vertex version) So does the module of the ps4 have any effects on the stability of the app? .... or maybe the laptop is sending the unstable payloads :unsure: ?

So please can anyone give me any advice i will be thankful :D

NS; i have been using the Hen for over a month and i have tried every possible thing (last version and old too) and im using the local host

and thanks for the new DNS,,


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you can use first hen payload virsion 1.0
what you should do. find vertex payload bin copy of that name and rename version 1 payload then copy this payload and paste to vertex payload folder where it is. replace then try. crashing ratio is less
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