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Following my Simple Payload Loader, this is a joint server with 505_exploit_Server @ohcHIT & RPI_GUI installer @Sc0rpion for jailbroken PlayStation 4 5.05 consoles.

Also this is a WIP so all features may not work 100 <use in full screen mode on the PS4 browser for the best [email protected]@K>

<credits go to all Dev's that have released the Exploits used in this Server>

Download: Simple_Server_505.7z (31.72 MB)

Spoiler: Depreciated


PS4 and your PC must be on the same network and see each other

1. Clean all traces from previous HEN, clean cookies, cache, browsing history.
2. Install the PKG (remote_pkg_installer.pkg PS4 by FlatZ)
3. In the folder www you place all off your .pkg
4. Run UwAmp.exe
5. Access the browser at http: // <ip of your pc>: 8080, not http: // localhost: 8080
6. Access the browser on the PS4 <ip of your PC host>
7. Run HEN 1.8 from Simple Server 505 on the PS4 browser
8. Run RPI_SCORPION GUI from the PS4 browser enter ip of ps4 and select pkg from ps4, submit from ps4, ps button back to home screen.
9. Run RPI INSTALLER app(if done correctly banner with install should ping up)
10. You can go back to the WWW PS4 window and install another, you can do multiple @ a time!
11. once the server is running you can install from your iphone our android devices as well



1. HEN 1.8 <to load correct patches>
2. Remote PKG installer runing on the PS4 <to recive the install>
3. RPI_GUI from pc or the PS4 Browser <to send the install>

This is a joint server with Simple Server 505 ohcHIT & RPI_GUI installer scOrpion.

<credits go to all devs that have released the expliots used in this server>

cheerZ.. @PSXHAX happy turKey Day ^


PS4 Exploit Server for 5.05 Firmware by OhcHIT.jpg

PS4 Exploit Server for 5.05 Firmware by OhcHIT 2.jpg



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