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For quite some time PlayStation 4 scene developers have been researching and testing code to control the PS4 fan speed in order to adjust the console's temperature, and following the PS4 Homebrew PKG Store developer @Joaquin Salih (aka toxxic407) made available a collection of payloads via Twitter used to control the PS4 fan speed on Github.

Download: / GIT

Recently PlayStation 4 Fan Control code from ethylamine's repository based on Zer0xFF's findings was forked by kozarovv for a 4.74 port and added to JgDuff's PS4 Exploit Host v0.4.6 updates as well. (y)

Below are some additional details from the PS4 Fan Control Payloads

Collection of Payloads used to control the fan of PS4's on version 5.05. All Credit goes to ethylamine, Zer0xFF (Twitter), theorywrong (Twitter), xvortex (Twitter) and zecoxao (Twitter). The name is equal to the Temperature threshold in degrees.

:alert: Most of the Payloads are not tested! I do not take any responsibility and I am not liable for any damage done to your PS4!
PS4 Fan Control with X-Project + New PS4 Homebrew File Manager
PS4 Fan Control Payloads to Adjust PS4 Fan Speed and Temperature.jpg



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Just get an ez chill. It reads and computes fan speed and temp. Then bumps 10% at normal range. Once it gets warmer it will compensate speed. Cost like 15 bucks


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I don't quite know how to react to this release...

Its interesting but kinda silly? If you want to cool your PS4 abusing the fan is probably not the best option. Just change the damn thermal paste. Or better yet, strip it down and put a CPU heatsink on it!


You would use something like this because Sony's original settings are going to take into account the fan volume. Even if it's close to overheating the ps4 might not push the fan as hard as it really should to avoid the noise factor. If you have an older unit and it's overheating pushing your fan farther is better than allowing the heat damage.

Most PS4 gamer's are not comfortable tearing down the unit, especially to the mobo to get access to replace the thermal paste. CPU coolers will not work because the mounting brackets are significantly different most likely, and where is the fan assembly for an air cooler going to go? You would also need a cooler for the gpu as well same issues.

You could liquid cool and they do make water blocks for that, but then you need an external pump, reservoir, etc. Why go through that or buy a fan speed controller when you can use this payload to just up the rpm which is essentially what the hardware controller does.... for free.....


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Running the payload bin is temporary, meaning a reboot returns to PS4 default fan speed correct?

What happens if I run the fan speed payload then run the linux-loader payload and use psxitarch linux v2 does the fan speed payload stick?


All that is a contribution in the 5.05 scene is to be thankful for my congratulations. ;)

But I personally would not inject such charge if the console does not have a high working temperature, load fanloads to lower the Celsius not to play and be continuously with a fan higher than 65% can shorten the life of your fan if you are playing for many hours.
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