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Hello psxhax community first of all greetings and happy holidays, I come to tell you if you know of any solution to the problem I currently have with my ps4 fat which is that it turns on and only gives a blue light and then turns off, I have to leave without power cord for about 10-20 minutes to turn it back on.

It should be noted that in 8.03 this did not happen to me, at the time of updating to 9.0 was what started the problem, I have done several actions such as changing the thermal paste, reinstall the firmware and rebuild the database etc and I do not find the solution anywhere.

I hope you can help me and greetings.


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Do not do the fkning towel trick thats a fire hazard let alone the damage to capacitors ive seen on xbox 360s from people doing that crap, friggib meltin caps n shizz then being like uhhh whys it not working?!?!

Sorry now that thats said. The fat model ps4s are commonly found with either bad apu solder connections resulting in a possibly tempermental blod. Or some other general hardware issue, power supply, etc. If it is a bad apu solder connection doing the towel trick may work once, for a short period, it will always fail again, the only way to 100% fix bad apu solder joints would beto reball the butch.

Dont bake the mobo in your friggin oven, leave this task to professionals with the correct equipment and skillz for the job. I cannot even count how many consoles ive seen of r tards who baked the mobo or hot towel tricked it and melted internal components due to being incompetent.

Personally i own a fat series ps4 i washer tricked it into working for about a year but finally it wont stay on long, it boots runs gets warm instant power down. if your lucky you can pull something like i did off out of sheer luck. but do your homework before rashly blasting your mobos with a friggin heat gun or other lazy quick fix tricks that usually do more damage than good.

For the record, my fat acted very similar, from a cold boot i had to let it sit for minimum 30s, force it off by holding the power button/sensor, then immediately power it back on, post washer trick. be careful how much tension you apply to the heatsink. if your console has bad apu joints applying more tension will almost certainly break more connections

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