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Following JaiCraB's PS4 UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver / Transmitter) PS4 Fat diagrams, scene developer @xorloser shared some PlayStation 4 Serial and Flash pinouts for the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro consoles today! :notworthy:

To briefly recap, earlier this year we saw a guide to Enable More Logs on Retail PS4 Console & MemPatch Payload ELF from @zecoxao and @oneman123 alongside confirmation from @flatz that 'Sony has finally made it properly' in his good bye, PS4 crash dumps announcement.

Here are some additional details from xorloser's recent Tweets on Twitter, where he unveiled his PS4 stack as qwertyoruiopz did a few months back:

For flash pinouts u can basically use MTX install diagrams, or one of the many flasher install diagrams.
MTX install points

1 CS
3 SI
4 SO
5 VCC (3V)
I just made these for my own use, so not very beautiful. Credit to Jaicrab for the original uart points on FAT PS4.
PS4 Fat, Slim and Pro PlayStation 4 Serial and Flash Pinouts.jpg

PS4 Fat, Slim and Pro PlayStation 4 Serial and Flash Pinouts 2.jpg

PS4 Fat, Slim and Pro PlayStation 4 Serial and Flash Pinouts 3.jpg



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C'mon now, he wouldn't leave pencil marks in plainview for all the Sony spies to see... you have to open the pic in a hexeditor, byteswap and XOR at 0XDEADBEEF and then you'll be able to disassemble it in IDA to reveal them.

In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if he embedded a PS4 jailbreak right in the picture under everyone's noses. :sneaky:


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Pinout is the same as for old mtx, E3share and similar chips and for raspberryPi. Just new unlimited sharing methods needs some additional hardware and software.
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