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Hi guys, following my guide on Unity for all of you interested in a File Manager for PS4 HEN 4.55 this is a PoC (Proof-of-Concept).

I was adapting to PS4 one of my old projects. It works with joystick and track. Here is the PKG for all of you interested on testing.

Download: ED1634-NPXX51363_00-0000000000000000-A0100-V0100.pkg (111 MB) / MediaPlayer_FileManager.rar (87.1 MB - Source Code) by RetroGamer74

And I hope to release the full project in a couple of hours to give everybody the choice to improve it and contribute to the scene.

Here is a video.

Best regards.
From Pastebin:
    function ls(path)
      var sep = "/"
      if (path[path.length-1]=="/") sep = "";
      var fd = p.syscall("sys_open", p.sptr(path), 0x1100004).low;
      if (fd == (-1 >>> 0))
        print("open("+path+"): -1");

      if (path.endsWith("sprx"))
        var buffer32 = new Uint32Array(0x9000);
        var buffer = p.read8(p.leakval(buffer32).add32(0x10));
        while(ret = p.syscall("sys_read", fd, buffer, 0x9000).low > 0)
          alert(p.readStringLen(buffer.add32(0x20), 0x9000));
      print("Directory listing for " +path+":<br/>");
      var total = p.syscall("sys_getdents", fd, lsscrtch, 0x1000).low;
      if (total == (-1 >>> 0))
        print("getdents("+path+"): -1");

      var offset = 0;
      while (offset < total)
        var cur = lsscrtch.add32(offset);
        var reclen = p.read4(cur.add32(4)) & 0xFFFF;
        var filepath = path + sep + p.readString(cur.add32(8));
        print("<a'" + filepath + "');>" + filepath + "</a><br/>");
        offset += reclen;
        if(!reclen) break;
      p.syscall("sys_close", fd);
PS4 True Proper LibHomebrew with Jailbreak
PS4 File Manager (PoC) Keyboard and Track Support by RetroGamer74.jpg


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