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While it's not listed in the official PS4 4.50 OFW changelog, an undocumented Sasuke System Software update feature has been uncovered that allows PlayStation 4 Firmware 4.50 to preload day-one game patches among other updates in advance. :D

Below are the details from, to quote: "It now appears that you can preload PS4 patches prior to being able to install them.

LittleBigPlanet 3 is the first game to offer a preload of a patch launching on March 17, as shown in the picture below.

This means that those annoying day-one patches that you have to wait to download, even though you’re already preloaded the game, will be a thing of the past."

While this may not be as interesting as PS4 4.50 exploit or jailbreak developments, it certainly will be appreciated by PlayStation 4 owners who want to spend more time gaming and less time waiting for game patch updates to download. (y)
PS4 Firmware 4.50 Can Preload Day-One Game Patch Updates.jpg



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Yep.... Did the same here in Canada for LBP3 as well on OFW4.50, I wondered what that was all about. Thanks for the post
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