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As requested by @jpkb1997 over HERE, this thread is to discuss PS4 4.50 Update issues including Wifi.

He will probably follow-up here with more details, until then has anyone else had Wifi issues since updating to 4.50 Final? :unsure:


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after updating to ofw 4.50 my ps4 is facing serious network issue browsing or downloading from ps store keep giving error sometimes when i start downloading games the ps4 just stops downloading the ps4 has to be either switched of and then on and only then it starts downloading sometimes it does not even connect to the net

has anyone else faced this issue after updating to ofw 4.50 every thing was proper when i was on 4.07

also the ps4 has started to lag and heat up a bit more than normal all these problems are come only after updating to 4.50
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